Review and Evaluation Committee

Review and Evaluation Committee

Numbers of Members: 5 members from the church at large, excluding staff and employees of Annual Conference agencies.

Procedure: Twenty nominees will be presented to Standing Committee by its Nominating Committee. Standing Committee will vote to reduce the slate to ten nominees to be presented to Annual Conference, which shall elect five members for the committee.

Term and Schedule: Review and Evaluation Committee members are elected in the fifth year of each decade and make their final report to Annual Conference in the seventh year of the decade, serving two years. The committee will meet as necessary to complete its task, making use of conference calls and Skype when possible.

Expenses: Expenses are paid for travel and room and board during meetings. The chairperson’s expenses to bring the report of the committee to Annual Conference are paid unless already covered.

The Review and Evaluation Task – Originally, the Review and Evaluation Committee evaluated how well the denominational board was carrying out its mandate from the Annual Conference. In 2005, the scope of review and evaluation was expanded to include total denominational structure and program, including all agencies reportable to Annual Conference. In 2008, the structure of the denomination changed when the General Board and the Association of Brethren Caregivers merged and the Annual Conference Council was replaced by the Leadership Team. In light of those changes, the scope of the committee’s responsibilities and its specific tasks will be reviewed by Standing Committee at the 2014 Conference.