Program and Arrangements Committee

One person, 3-year term

Inelligible (member completing a term at 2022 AC): Carol Hipps Elmore

3-year term on the committee that plans and coordinates Annual Conference activities, selecting sites and dates, administering policies and budget, together with the Conference director.
More information at, chapter 1, section III.D.

Number of Members:

Three elected members-at-large, the moderator, moderator-elect, Annual Conference secretary, and the executive director of Annual Conference.


For each member-at-large vacancy the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents at least four names. These are reduced by Standing Committee. The 1979 Annual Conference instructed the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee to: “… assure through the election process that the elected committee be comprised of more than a single classification” (Minutes 1955-1964, p. 176).

Term and Schedule:

Staggered terms of three years each. They shall not be eligible to succeed themselves (Minutes 1955-1964, p. 176). Program and Arrangements Committee meets four times a year: August, November, prior to Conference (at Conference location), and brief reorganization meeting toward the end of Conference.


Expenses for all Conference-related meetings (including Annual Conferences during the member’s term) will be covered.

For more specific information about this position you may call

The Annual Conference office, (800) 323-8039, x364.