Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee

(one person, 5-year term) – representing Clergy

5-year term on the committee that serves as an advisory group on all referred pastoral compensation matters and provides a regular review of pastoral salaries and benefits, with an annual recommendation for adjusting the cash salary table for pastors.

Numbers of Members:

The committee is composed of five members representing pastors (1 member), district executives (1 member), and the laity (3 members), with one laity member being a compensation practitioner from the secular world. All are elected by Annual Conference via a Standing Committee ballot, except the district executive, who is nominated by the Council of District Executives and confirmed by Annual Conference. A Church of the Brethren staff member of the Office of Human Resources serves as a non-voting liaison to this committee.


For the four elected members of the committee, the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee obtains nominations appropriate for the position currently open to present four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees per position to present to Annual Conference. For the district executive representative, the Council of District Executives presents its nomination, and Annual Conference is asked to confirm the nomination.

Term and Schedule:

The term of office is for five years. Committee members are ineligible for re-election. The committee meets once a year: in the fall.


Expenses are paid for the annual meeting. The chairperson’s expenses to bring the report of the committee to Annual Conference are paid.

For more specific information about this position you may call

the Office of Ministry of the Church of the Brethren, (800) 323-8039, Ext. 381; or the Annual Conference Office, (800) 323-8039, Ext. 364.