Moderator elect

One person, 3-year term

Ineligible (past 4 Moderators): Paul Mundey, David Sollenberger, Tim McElwee, Madalyn Metzger

3-year term – The moderator presides over Standing Committee and Annual Conference, acts as official representative of the church, contacts district conferences, serves on Leadership Team and on Mission and Ministry Board Executive Committee, and chairs the Program and Arrangements Committee and the Officers meetings, after a first year of working alongside the current moderator. In the third year the immediate past moderator chairs the Inter-Agency Forum and serves on Standing Committee. More information at, chapter 1, section III.B.1.

Term of Service:

Persons elected to the office of moderator serve three years, serving one year in three successive offices:

  • Moderator-elect. The moderator is elected one year in advance of beginning a year of service. The moderator-elect serves as moderator when the moderator is unable to perform the duties of moderator.
  • Moderator.The moderator-elect becomes moderator at the close of the Annual Conference a year following election and continues in that office until the close of the following Annual Conference.
  • Immediate Past Moderator. The moderator becomes the immediate past moderator after serving one year as moderator, concluding with the Annual Conference.


Any active member of the Church of the Brethren may serve as moderator. During the three years of service, a moderator cannot be employed by or serve on the board of directors of Church of the Brethren, Inc. (aka the Mission and Ministry Board) or of any agency reportable to Annual Conference. The past four moderators are ineligible for nomination.


  1. Consecrated Christian living in home, church, and community.
  2. Faithful service in local church and district.
  3. Loyalty to the ideals and program of the Church of the Brethren.
  4. A working knowledge and understanding of the denomination’s program.
  5. Ability to exercise mature judgment in the solution of the denomination’s problems.
  6. Familiarity with parliamentary procedures and skill in presiding over a deliberative assembly.
  7. Capacity to cultivate desirable public relations.
  8. Demonstrated leadership ability in programs of the Church of the Brethren.
  9. Ability to facilitate discernment groups or a willingness to learn and seek assistance from those who do and to receive training and coaching in large-group discernment process.


The Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees to present to Annual Conference.

Expenses for all Annual Conference-related meetings will be covered.

For more specific information about this position you may call:
(800) 323-8039, Annual Conference Office