Brethren Benefit Trust Board

4-year term on the board that provides pension and insurance employee benefits for individuals and asset management services for institutions. Self-managed funds are socially responsible and aligned with Brethren ideals. The board oversees a benevolent fund for pastors and congregational and district staff members and helps educate Brethren to successfully plan their financial future.
See and, ch.2, section II.B.

Number of Members:

The BBT Board consists of twelve members: four directors are elected by Annual Conference; four are elected by the members of the Church of the Brethren Pension Plan to represent the employees of user groups, and four are elected by the board of directors. The president of Brethren Benefit Trust and the general secretary of Church of the Brethren, Inc. serve as ex officio members of the board without vote. The board may appoint advisory people who serve as non-voting members on the board and/or board committees.


Persons eligible for election by Annual Conference and by the board shall be members of the Church of the Brethren and shall meet one of more the following qualifications:

  • have some expertise in the field of finance, banking, employee benefits, insurance, accounting, law, information technology and systems, investments, human resources, asset management, deferred gifts, charitable gifts, or health care.
  • Be a member of one of the user groups that have representation on the board.

All nominees should have sensitivity to the concerns of the Church of the Brethren and to the people and agencies they represent. Officers of Annual Conference, members of Standing Committee, members of the boards of other agencies reportable to Annual Conference, and district executives are ineligible to serve concurrently as directors of the BBT Board, except when district executives are elected as representatives of the districts.


For each position to be elected by Annual Conference, the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees per position to present to Annual Conference. However, an incumbent BBT director who was elected by Annual Conference and who is eligible for and willing to be considered for a second term of service will, upon the recommendation of the BBT Governance Committee and approval by the BBT Board, automatically become one of the two nominees that Standing Committee recommends for Annual Conference election. Board members elected by BBT’s constituency or by the board are only reported to Annual Conference. Board members elected by the BBT board to fulfill unexpired terms of Annual Conference-elected positions will be presented to the subsequent Annual Conference for confirmation.


Each term shall be for a period of four years. Directors may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. There shall be a lapse of at least one year following the completion of two consecutive terms before a director is eligible for election to additional terms. The directors of Brethren Benefit Trust may elect a successor director to fill the unexpired term of any director in the event of a vacancy due to the resignation or death of a director before the end of a term. Partial terms of two years or less shall not be counted in considering eligibility for re-election.


The directors of Brethren Benefit Trust Board meet three times a year: in November, in April, at the conclusion of Annual Conference, and on special occasion as needed.


Expenses for all related meetings and functions, including Annual Conference, will be covered.

For more specific information about this position you may call

the director of human resources, Brethren Benefit Trust at (800) 746-1505 x 371.