Bethany Theological Seminary Board of Trustees

(one person, 5-year term) – representing Colleges

The seminary board requests nominees who are:

  1. aware of the dramatic changes taking place in higher education, especially seminary education, or
  2. aware of the issues of division in the denomination and changes in the larger church, or
  3. persons of color who can help the seminary have conversations about diversity, or
  4. persons who have corporate or executive leadership experience

5-year term on the board that governs the graduate school and academy for theological education for the Church of the Brethren, enabling students and faculty to contribute to a rich heritage of spiritual and academic preparation for a life of ministry, discerning God’s call together and engaging a world which we are called to serve.
See and, chapter 2, section II.A.

Number of Members:

The Bethany Theological Seminary Board of Trustees consists of twenty-one (21) persons. Nine of the trustees are elected by Annual Conference: three of them represent the Church of the Brethren colleges, three represent the ministry, and three are from the laity of the church. The three clergy may be active or retired ministers of the church. One trustee is elected by the alumni association and confirmed by Annual Conference. And ten at large trustees are elected by the seminary’s board of trustees and confirmed by Annual Conference. The president of the seminary serves as an ex officio trustee of the board of trustees.


For each position to be elected by Annual Conference, the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees per position to present to Annual Conference. The trustee elected by the alumni association and the at-large trustees elected by the board of trustees are presented to Annual Conference for confirmation. Trustees elected by the board of trustees to fulfill any unexpired terms are presented to the subsequent Annual Conference for confirmation.


Trustees may not serve on a board of another agency reportable to Annual Conference.

Term and Schedule:

All members of the board other than the president serve a five-year term with tenure of two successive terms. The board meets twice a year at the seminary in the fall and in the spring, usually Friday-Sunday.


Expenses for travel and accommodation related to regular or special board meetings will be covered.

For more specific information about this position, you may call:
the president of Bethany Theological Seminary, (800) 287-8822.