Annual Conference Secretary

One person, 5-year term

Ineligible this year: James M. Beckwith

5-year term – the secretary serves as an officer at Standing Committee and Annual Conference, on Leadership Team, Mission and Ministry Board (ex officio), Program and Arrangements Committee, Inter-Agency Forum, and Officers meetings, recording all minutes, publishing the AC minutes, updating the polity manual, and serving as corporate secretary and as counsel to Nominating Committee. More information at, chapter 1, section III.B.2.

Qualifications and Tenure:

Any active member of the church is eligible for election to this office. The secretary is elected for a term of five years and is limited to two terms. During service as secretary, the secretary cannot be employed by the board of directors of Church of the Brethren, Inc., nor be employed by or serve on the board of an agency reportable to Annual Conference.


The Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees to present to Conference.

Expenses for all Annual Conference-related meetings will be covered.

For more specific information about this position you may call:
the Annual Conference Office, (800) 323-8039, Ext. 364.