2021 Annual Conference

Greensboro, North Carolina

You can help shape the future of the church! Each member of the Church of the Brethren is invited to recommend possible nominees for the 2021 Annual Conference ballot. As you pray about this, who comes to mind? Whom will the Lord prompt you to nominate?

Please make this “Request for Nominations” document available to the leaders and members of your congregation and urge them to submit nominations. We need nominees from every part of the church.

Open positions

  • Program and Arrangements Committee

    One person, 3-year term

    Ineligible (member just completing a term): Jan Glass King and Emily Shonk Edwards

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  • Mission and Ministry Board

    • Area 3 (Atl SE, Puerto Rico, Shen, SE, Vir. WMarv)

      One person, 5-year term

    • Area 5 (Id/WMont, Pac NW, Pac SW)

      Districts not represented on MMB since 2015 are identified in bold.

      One person, 5-year term

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  • Bethany Theological Seminary Trustee

    • Representing Brethren Colleges

      One person, 5-year term

    • Representing Laity

      One person, 5-year term

    The seminary board requests that nominees be: (a) persons aware of the dramatic changes taking place in higher education, especially seminary education; (b) persons aware of the issues of division in the denomination and changes in the larger church; and (c) persons of color who can help the seminary have conversations about diversity.

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  • Brethren Benefit Trust Board

    One person, 4-year term

    Skill set requested this year: Auditing or organizational accounting experience.

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  • On Earth Peace Board

    One person, 5-year term

    Seeking nominees to help OEP develop and walk with leaders and communities who work for justice and peace. To participate in the board’s values-based consensus decision making process, each board member must complete a specialized 2-5 day training program in anti-racism, for which OEP covers costs.

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  • Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee

    One person, 5-year term – representing Laity

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Election procedures

For more information about nominations, view the complete Election procedures.

Call to Accountability

Read information about the Call to Accountability for Equality of
Representation on Annual Conference Ballots