What is NYC?

National Youth Conference, or “NYC,” is a Brethren tradition that dates back to 1954. Every four years, youth from across the United States (and sometimes beyond) travel to Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado for an incredible week-long youth conference! Typical attendance is around 3,000. Youth who have completed 9th grade through one year of college are eligible to attend.

The week includes worship twice a day, small groups, workshops, service projects, recreation, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and more! It is a full week with lots of exciting activities, but there is a good balance of time for reflection and down-time as well.

For more information: scroll down for more detailed information on each component of NYC, read about the 2018 NYC theme, watch our promotional videos, visit us on social media, or contact our office at cobyouth@brethren.org!

Schedule and Activities



At NYC we worship together in Moby Arena twice a day. Music, dynamic speakers, prayer, Scripture, drama, videos, and more are part of our worship experience together. You can even sit on the floor if there’s room!

Small groups

Small Groups

Everyone is part of a small group at NYC. Typical group size is 12-15 youth. Small groups, which meet daily, are a chance to discuss the day’s events, the worship services, and think about what is going on during the week. It’s also a chance to meet new people!

BBT workshop


Workshops are a time to dig deeper into different aspects of faith and practice, learn about different Brethren agencies and programs, or get to know a speaker in a smaller setting. Options will be printed in the conference booklet, and you’ll get to choose which workshop you want to go to every day once you get to NYC.

Service projects

Service Projects

Service projects are an important way that we live out our faith at NYC. Loving our neighbors through tangible acts of service completes our faith and puts it into practice. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a service project at NYC.

Rocky Mountains


Could anyone go to Colorado and not go hiking in the Rocky Mountains? We sure can’t! Hiking is organized by district and you’ll get to go on your appointed day. You'll have the option to sign up while registering. Choose easy, medium, or hard!



Each afternoon includes several hours of recreation. This is a time to unwind through a game of ultimate frisbee, join an impromptu drum circle or guitar jam session, have a conversation with a new friend, throw row-media a football around, take a walk, visit the craft room, or take some time for yourself. This is time to just have fun!

Swing dance

Late Evening Activities

After evening worship, choose from a variety of activities. Maybe you’ll go to an open mic night, a concert, a swing dance, or play some board games! Stay tuned for this year’s late night activities!

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