As you are physically preparing for NYC, remember to also prepare yourself spiritually and mentally. If you spend time in spiritual preparation, your overall NYC experience will deepen significantly.

Before NYC

As a participant at National Youth Conference, I agreed to:
  1. Be sincere in my motives for attending NYC and to make foremost the goals of personal growth and Christian fellowship.
  2. Attend all worship services, small group sessions, and workshops (unless I am hiking or at a service project)
  3. Not bring or use any controlled substances (alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana), illegal drugs, or weapons while at NYC.
  4. Not participate in any behavior that endangers myself or others.
  5. Exhibit appropriate behavior and respectful behavior, attire and language.
  6. Not be in the housing of the opposite gender at any time.
  7. Be in my room by curfew each night.
  8. Follow facility rules.
  9. Not leave the grounds of CSU except when hiking or an a service project and with the accompaniment of my adult advisor.
  10. Follow other rules set by the NYC staff.

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What to bring

*Bed linens, pillows, blankets, and a towel will be provided by CSU.

Dress code

  • Clothing worn to reveal underwear or cleavage, pants worn below waist level, or clothing that is excessively baggy or tight is not permissible. Shorts must be mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Clothing with inappropriate messages (i.e. vulgar language, obscenities, and/or drug or alcohol advertisements) are not allowed.
  • Shirts must have sleeves and be waist-length or longer. Mid-section should not be visible. No tank tops, tube tops, or halters will be allowed.
  • Swimwear must be appropriate and is to be worn only at designated swimming areas. For females, this means a one-piece or a two-piece “tankini” that meets in the middle. T-shirts may also be worn to cover a bikini. For males, this means swimming trunks.

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We will collect four offerings during worship the week of NYC, two tangible and two monetary. Come prepared to each service with your offering.

Sunday Morning
NYC is partnering with Brethren Disaster Ministries and Church World Service to collect hygiene kits. In the face of natural disasters, violence, or poverty, hygiene Kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families. Each donation must include $2 to cover processing/shipping. If you didn’t have room to pack kits you can donate money to help cover the cost of processing and shipping kits.

Find a list of what to include in a hygiene kit on the Church World Service website.

Sunday Evening
Many people in Haiti have almost no opportunity to see a physician and cannot afford hospital care. Beginning in 2011, the Church of the Brethren has been sponsoring the Haiti Medical project as a way to begin to meet these needs in some of the communities where Haitian Brethren congregations are located. A Haitian team of doctors and nurses visits communities to provide mobile clinics, often seeing 150 or more patients on clinic day. The Haiti Medical project operates with a nontraditional, grassroots financial plan, relying entirely on designated gifts of congregations and individuals to fund immediate project support or to grow an endowment fund. Join the NYC community in supporting this awesome ministry!

Monday Morning
Bring a nonperishable canned or boxed food item to contribute at worship. The food collected will be donated to the Larimer County food bank. Contributing to this offering will help meet the needs of people in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. For every five pounds of food donated, the food bank distributes four meals worth of food to a family! If you don’t bring a can of food with you stop by the Brethren press bookstore where canned food will be available for purchase.

Monday Evening
Did you know there are youth who have been invited to NYC from all across the world? The NYC Scholarship Fund provides assistance to intercultural and international youth who would otherwise be unable to attend NYC. You have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing effort to extend the table of NYC! By contributing to the NYC Scholarship Fund at worship, you will help ensure that everyone has the chance to experience NYC.

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Prayer Day

NYC Prayer Day is Sunday, June 22. Brethren congregations across the country are invited to set aside a special time in their Sunday morning worship services on June 22 to pray for all who will participate in the conference; youth, advisors, and staff. NYC Prayer Day is a way for the entire denomination to participate in the experience of NYC and support those who attend. The NYC Office has prepared special worship resources for congregations and individuals to use (below). Included in the prayer guide is a list of creative ideas for how to support those who will be attending NYC.

Invitation Letter
Call to Worship
Prayer of Consecration
Intentional Prayer Opportunities
Song suggestions

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During NYC

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After NYC

When you return home after NYC, the NYC staff hopes that you feel re-energized and ready to share your experiences. Try a few of these ideas to help you process the whole NYC experience.

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