Preparation: During NYC

Absorb Worship

Worship will give you opportunities to think about your faith journey. Allow yourself to think deeply about what the speakers share, and to truly enjoy the act of worshipping; not only as one person worshiping, but as one worshiping with 2,500 other participants.

Take Advatage of Small groups

Small groups provide a way for you to connect with youth from different areas and explore your faith issues together. It is also an opportunity to process the worship and what challenges, excitements, and fears arise from them.

Select workshops with care

Many workshop topics focus on prayer, faith, praise, and Bible Study. Look through the conference booklet to help select workshops that jump out to you.

Write about your faith

Consider keeping a “faith journal” to help chart your spiritual journey during the entire NYC experience. What does the theme mean to you? Why is attending NYC important to you? How do you think attending NYC is affecting your faith? You can also go back and look at your journal in the future and remember your faith experiences and your journey throughout the week.

After NYC

When you return home after NYC, we hope that you feel re-energized and ready to share your experiences. Try a few of these ideas to help you process the whole NYC experience.

Reflect (alone and with others)

Think about the entire experience of NYC, from fund-raising, to singing, to the words of all the speakers. What did it all mean to you? Did NYC change you? How? What did it mean to others who attended? If you have a journal, write some of your thoughts there.

Share with family and your congregation

Since your family and most of your congregation didn’t go to NYC, help them experience it through your memories. What was meaningful to you? When did you feel God’s presence? Tell them about your reflections. Share your pictures, t-shirts, wrap-up video, conference booklet, pillow, and any other items that will help you describe your experience. This will also be a good way for you to process all that happened during the week.

Get involved

Ask your pastor how you can be more involved in the life of your local congregation. Your youth group could plan a worship service to share your NYC experience. Share your musical, public speaking, or other unique talents. It’s time to step up and live out your faith!