Preparation: Before NYC

Set NYC goals

Make a list of goals that you hope to achieve during the week.

Take time for Bible study and prayer

Take time with your youth group to study the theme scripture so you can gain a better understanding of the theme before arriving at NYC. Spend time in prayer alone or with your youth group, focusing on NYC.

Participate in a commissioning service

Ask your pastor about holding a commissioning service before NYC. The service could be held during worship on a Sunday. It allows your congregation to demonstrate its support for you. Share your expectations and what it means for you to attend.

Physical Fitness

During the week of NYC there will be alot of walking, from walking around campus to hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Please consider this as you prepare for the week. You may want to start taking short, brisk walks in preparation for the week. You will be a mile above sea level, and the altitude can effect even the most physically fit. If you are concerned about the amount of walking you could also consider renting a scooter or wheelchair for the week from a local medical rental supply company.

Consider what signing the NYC covenant means

By signing the covenant, we agreed to each be accountable to one another during the week of NYC. Reflect upon how your actions at the conference will affect others. Talk about what it means to enter into the NYC community. Below is a copy of the covenant.

As a participant at National Youth Conference, I agreed to:

  1. Be sincere in my motives for attending NYC and to make foremost the goals of personal growth and Christian fellowship.
  2. Attend all worship services, small group sessions, and workshops (unless I am hiking or at a service project).
  3. Not bring or use any controlled substances (alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana), illegal drugs, or weapons while at NYC.
  4. Not participate in any behavior that endangers myself or others.
  5. Exhibit appropriate behavior and respectful behavior, attire and language.
  6. Not be in the housing of the opposite gender at any time.
  7. Be in my room by curfew each night.
  8. Follow facility rules.
  9. Not leave the grounds of CSU except when hiking or an a service project and with the accompaniment of my adult advisor.
  10. Follow other rules set by the NYC staff.

Think about the theme

Colossians 3: 12-15 calls us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. How can we be Christ-like in these actions? How will others see Christ through us when we show compassion, kindness and humility? What does this look like in your everyday life? In a world where its often easier to be impatient, how does God help us show patience? During your journey to NYC, begin to think of these questions so that during our week together we can dive into deeper, meaningful discussion. We are bound together through our faith, and oneness in Jesus. As you prepare for NYC, remember that you are bound with thousands of other youth, preparing for the same mountain top experience as you.