Money Needs During NYC

Your registration fee covers food, lodging and programming while at NYC.

Things you may want cash for:

Wrap-Up DVD ($20), District Photo, Offerings, T-Shirts, CSU Bookstore and the Brethren Press bookstore

District Photos:

During the week of NYC, each district will have the opportunity to take a district picture. Pay attention to conference materials so you aren't late and don't miss your district's turn for pictures. Photos will be available for purchase.

Wrap-Up DVD:

At the end of NYC, you'll have the opportunity to order a wrap-up DVD, full of memories from NYC 2018! Order your copy by turning in $20 of your key deposit during the check- out process on the last day.

You will have the opportunity to order the wrap-up DVD after NYC if you miss out in the check-out process. Look for more information regarding this at NYC.

Key Deposit:

CSU requires a deposit for the use of their keys. The key deposit is $40. We will collect the $40 CASH as a part of the check-in process in the dorms at NYC.

Please Note: The cost of replacing a key is actually higher than $40, so anyone who loses their key will lose their deposit and have to pay extra to get a new key.

On check-out day, if you still have your original key, you can either get $40 in cash back, or you can get $20 and an NYC wrap-up DVD. There will also be an option to donate remaining money to an offering, so please be considering all of these options before checking out.