BVS Frisbee Tournament

Who: Anyone who plays and loves Ultimate Frisbee!
What: Ultimate Frisbee tournament during NYC
When: July 23-25, 2018
Where: Large open green fields at CSU
Why: It's fun, and AWESOME!

What you need to know:

This tournament is open to all skill levels and you can register as part of a team or individually. Teams must have seven players on the field during play and a maximum of 14 players per team. Players may only participate on one team. All games will be played during recreation hours between 3 and 6pm, Monday thru Wednesday. If possible, games will be scheduled so as to not conflict with other commitments, such as hiking and service projects. Tournament champions will receive a BVS ultimate frisbee disc, and runners up a BVS t-shirt, as their prize.

To Register:

  1. Get your team together, or sign up as an individual (and you will be placed on a team)
  2. Come up with an awesome team name.
  3. Fill out the back of this form with ALL info (name, email, cell phone, district)
  4. Send this form and the registration fee in to the BVS office by May 1st.