2019 Workcamp schedule - coming soon!

Picture key to ID different types of work

Please use this key as a rough guide to what kind of work will be available each workcamp. Keep in mind that work projects at any site are subject to change.

emphasis on relational service
gardening and eco-service
construction, painting, etc.
food bank, soup kitchen
thrift store, packaging clothes

Jr. High

Completed 6th – 8th grade

Sr. High

Completed 9th grade – age 19


Completed 6th grade and older

Young Adult

Ages 18-35

  1. May 31-June 10
    (12 participants)

    Join us in Shanxi, China. We will partner with You’ai Care and You’ai Hospital, organizations inspired by the Church of the Brethren mission which began here in 1910. Their current work includes cancer treatment, and hospice and mental health care. During the workcamp, participants will engage in relational service with the patients, as well as work that reflects current program needs. That may include making yogurt, delivering food and tea to patients, participating in training with volunteers, as well as some landscaping around the hospital and possibly some work with the local church. Participants will have an opportunity to visit some sites related to the earlier Brethren mission and may even meet people who knew our Brethren missionaries. Of course, we will also hike on the Great Wall!

    *These dates are the arrival in and departure from the city of Beijing, so take into account that travel time will add to these dates.

    **Please also budget for the cost of a passport (if you don’t already have one) and a visa (about $140).

We Are Able

Ages 16-30