2018 Workcamp schedule

Registration is closed; please contact cobworkcamps@brethren.org if needed.

Picture key to ID different types of work

Please use this key as a rough guide to what kind of work will be available each workcamp. Keep in mind that work projects at any site are subject to change.

emphasis on relational service
gardening and eco-service
construction, painting, etc.
food bank, soup kitchen
thrift store, packaging clothes

Jr. High

Completed 6th – 8th grade

  1. June 10-14
    Hooversville, PA – Camp Harmony (CLOSED)
    (30 participants)

    Camp Harmony, the oldest Church of the Brethren camp, is in the Laurel Highlands near Hooversville, Pennsylvania, and is just a mile from the Quemahoning Dam. Camp Harmony will be our home and work site for our time there. Work may include refurbishing cabins, painting, and working with trail development. Possible recreational activities are Horseshoes, Cornhole, hiking, and swimming. Come help Camp Harmony kickstart their summer camping season.

  2. June 17-21
    Harrisburg, PA (CLOSED)
    (20 participants)

    This workcamp partners with On Earth Peace to serve the Brethren Housing Association (BHA), which has a long history in the community. BHA helps to provide housing and social services to homeless individuals and families in the Harrisburg area. BHA also aids in the transition to permanent housing, continuing or completing educational goals, and job placement. Work with BHA could include renovations, yard work, painting, and cleaning. Youth will also get the chance to help with Vacation Bible School at Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren and build relationships with local elementary aged youth. Time will be split between working and adventuring in peace education. Workcampers will stay at Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren and will get the opportunity to explore Pennsylvania’s capital city.

  3. June 27-July 1
    Brooklyn, NY (CLOSED)
    (20 participants)

    Brooklyn First Church of the Brethren will host and lead the workcampers in assisting with street ministry in the congregation’s Hispanic neighborhood. Work may include neighborhood clean-up or serving at a local soup kitchen, food pantry, or thrift store. Spend a few days in the Big Apple in a safe workcamp environment. Experience the many cultures that make up the fabric of Brooklyn, while serving, worshiping, and having fun together.

  4. July 9-13
    Cincinnati, OH (3 spots remaining)
    (20 participants)

    Come to the great city of Cincinnati, OH to work in a wide array of service projects. Workcampers will get the opportunity to engage with community members through some of the local churches’ various ministries. In addition to working with those churches, youth will have the opportunity to work with other organizations that serve the people of Cincinnati. Projects may include cleaning, painting, gardening, serving food, and engaging in prayer with community members. Come join us in showing love to the people of Cincinnati!

  5. July 15-19
    Kansas City, KS
    (25 participants)

    First Central Church of the Brethren welcomes youth to stay and work in the area to learn about food insecurity and homelessness. Participants will get the opportunity to work with Restart Inc., a local non-profit organization that provides housing and support services to homeless men, women, youth, and families. Service at Restart Inc. could include packing school backpacks, serving food, painting, or cleaning the facility. There may also be work with a local food bank, packing and sorting food. Come and learn about homelessness, meet and interact with community members on a personal level, and share God’s love with the people of Kansas City!

  6. July 29-August 2
    Washington, DC (CLOSED)
    (20 participants)

    Come join us in Washington, D.C. and work with the Church of the Brethren Office of Public Witness, serving through legislative action! Workcampers will be serving with local organizations, and then learning how their service experiences directly correlate with U.S. legislation. Youth will learn how the lobbying process works, and get to meet with their U.S. Representatives office to talk about a piece of legislation as it relates to their service project. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only engage through physical service, but also through civic activism!

Sr. High

Completed 9th grade – age 19

  1. June 17-25
    BRF - Dominican Republic
    (25 participants)

    This workcamp is for those who identify with the views of the Brethren Revival Fellowship (BRF). Conservative, evangelical ideals will be emphasized during the week under BRF leadership. Although the Dominican Republic suffers from widespread poverty, it is a place rich in culture and spirit. Since the early 1980s, the Church of the Brethren has had a mission in the DR, learning, working, and worshiping with the Dominican Brethren. While there, participants will assist the local Churches of the Brethren to meet the needs of their congregations and communities. Projects may include painting, construction, and working with children in local schools or through Vacation Bible School. By helping in these ways, workcampers will form relationships with our Dominican brothers and sisters and experience their joy and traditions. Come to the Dominican Republic to expand cultural appreciation, build deep-spirited friendships, and serve humbly.


Completed 6th grade and older

  1. August 4-11
    BRF - Lewiston, ME
    (15 participants)

    This workcamp is for those who identify with the views of the Brethren Revival Fellowship (BRF). Conservative, evangelical ideals will be emphasized during the week under BRF leadership. Experience a taste of day-to-day life on Horton Street in Lewiston, Maine, by interacting with the community. Work with Root Cellar, an inner-city ministry that connects local churches with social, economic, and spiritual needs in the impoverished downtown neighborhood of Lewiston. Spend time working at the Good Shepherd Food Bank, which provides approximately 36,000 meals per week throughout the entire state. Additionally, help local church families and play with children who live in the neighborhood. Join this workcamp for a week of working, playing, and spreading the love and teachings of Jesus with the community of Lewiston.

Young Adult

Ages 18-35

  1. May 31-June 10
    (20 participants)

    Come join us in the Central Highlands of Burundi! Our Mission will partner with THARS (Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services), an interdenominational, charitable organization in the country of Burundi. THARS serves thousands of victims of genocide in Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our work will reflect the needs of the site, but will mainly consist of construction work remodeling a library at THARS. In addition to the work, there will be time to explore the surrounding area and interact with members of the local community.

    *Please take into account that travel time will add to these dates
    **Please also budget for the cost of a visa (about $90).

  2. June 11-14
    We Are Able Assistants* - Elgin, IL
    (10 participants)

    Join the We Are Able workcamp, a workcamp for intellectually disabled youth and young adults. Participants serve for the week to assist the We Are Able workcampers as they work at food banks and distribution centers in the Fox River Valley of Northern Illinois. Have fun spending time with those with disabilities, helping to care for their needs, and serving side by side with them. Help to make it a great week for the We Are Able campers who are coming.

    *Some experience with intellectually disabled people is preferred.

We Are Able

Ages 16-30

  1. June 11-14
    We Are Able - Elgin, IL
    (10 participants)

    Recognizing that everyone has gifts to share, this workcamp gives youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to serve at food banks and distribution centers in the Fox River Valley of Northern Illinois. Workcamp participants will serve together to sort, repackage, and distribute food through several organizations in the area. There will also be fun recreational outings which may include a bowling night, attending a concert or movie, or visiting a nature center. Join us in one of the best weeks of the summer!