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Good Friday: The 3rd anniversary of the Chibok abduction

A call to act on Earth Day and beyond

1000 days for the Chibok girls

Lift up the voices of our Nigerian brothers and sisters

Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Response to Puerto Rico's financial crisis

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A Call to Protect the Arctic

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On Meeting a Palestinian Christian

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Our public witness is larger than legislative advocacy. Public witness points to working to find coherence between congregation life, service, advocating on policy, and questioning the values that undergird our politics.

We have been reconciled and have been given a ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18). As disciples of Jesus called to go out and make disciples we are called to embodied reconciliation.

In Romans 12 we see the call to be personally transformed and embody and bear witness to the peace we have received. The Church of the Brethren’s Office of Public witness is “seeking to live the peace of Jesus publicly by educating on issues and peace theology, organizing Church of the Brethren members and congregations to take action, and advocating on Capitol Hill around issues of concern for the denomination.

Peace news

Brethren Benefit Trust adopts 2017 Department of Defense investment screens
(May 22, 2017)
The Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) board has adopted 2017 Department of Defense screens for investments. Each year as part of its Brethren values investing initiatives, BBT’s Board of Directors approves investment screens by adopting two Department of Defense lists comprised of companies that earn significant revenue from US military operations.
Remembering Chibok at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
(April 14, 2017)
For the third year in a row, Kristie Hammond of Olivet Church of the Brethren in Ohio--now a senior at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU)--arranged for a social justice speaker to commemorate each passing year of the Chibok abductions. She says she was personally affected by this horrific event because the girls were her age, or younger, and were kidnapped for trying to get a post-secondary education just as she is doing.
Newsline Special for Good Friday 2017
(April 14, 2017)
1) Action Alert for the third anniversary of the Chibok kidnappings 2) Global Mission and Service executive visits Chibok during recent trip to Nigeria 3) Church of the Brethren gives grants to rebuild Nigerian churches 4) Remembering Chibok at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University 5) Carrying the cross without fear: How the Coptic Church in Egypt deals with the constant threat 6) Love feast at Princeton
Global Mission and Service executive visits Chibok during recent trip to Nigeria
(April 13, 2017)
I went to Chibok last week. The security is extremely tight, and there is little space to do much, but I felt compelled to go along with three brothers from Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN, the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria): Marcus Gamache, Dr. Yusuf Yokubo, and the district secretary of Chibok. It was partially for my own understanding, partially to encourage EYN, and more specifically, the local Brethren families who continue to live and farm in Chibok.
Intercultural leaders share concern for immigrant members: ‘The fears are real’
(April 8, 2017)
Pastors of intercultural congregations are working to serve church members who are immigrants during a time when the nation’s immigrant community is feeling threatened. Leaders connected with the Church of the Brethren Intercultural Ministries are expressing concerns for the wellbeing of immigrants--documented and undocumented--in their congregations.
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