NOAC 2015

NOAC 50 +
Chapel/Lake Junaluska & Attendees
Photos by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford and Bob Dell, respectively

Jesus used stories when he spoke to the people.
In fact, he did not tell them anything without using stories.
So God’s promise came true, just as the prophet had said,
“I will use stories to speak my message and to explain things
that have been hidden since the creation of the world.”
Mt 13:34-35 CEV

Join us for the

2015 National Older Adult Conference

September 7-11, 2015

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center
in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina
Come. Listen to the stories of Jesus…
Discern what truths are being revealed for our lives.
Explore the echoes of Christ’s parables in our own life stories.
Discover the unfinished chapters in God’s story of our lives.
Then go. Share the stories of Jesus and your own stories with others…
“Go back and weave those stories into the lives
of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”*
Indeed, into the lives of everyone your life touches.
*Keynote speaker Phyllis Tickle to participants of NOAC 2013

NOAC is a Spirit-filled gathering of adults who love learning and discerning together, exploring God’s call for their lives and living out that call by sharing their energy, insight, and legacy with their families, communities, and the world.

2015 NOAC Registration Brochure thumbnail
NOAC 2015 Registration Brochure

The planning team is hard at work creating a 2015 NOAC experience you will long remember. Information about NOAC 2015 will be posted as planning progresses. In the meantime, you can look through the NOAC 2015 Registration Brochure or experience highlights from the 2013 conference.

NOAC Cross
Photo by Eddie Edmonds
Then Jesus

then Jesus –
brown eyes twinkling,
black hair tousling
in Galilean breezes,
olive skin wrinkled
by salt-saturated air,
told them stories.

celebrating prodigal sons,
lost lambs found,
vineyard workers paid,
fresh seeds planted,
widow’s mite given,
considering field lilies,
rich fools observed.

then Jesus –
revealed ancient truths
profoundly redirecting life,
creating new Jerusalems.

Jim Kinsey