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Newsline Special : Disaster response update and IEPC final message (May 25, 2011)

Children’s Disaster Services responds in Joplin, Brethren Disaster Ministries reports on preliminary activities, requests EDF grant, Convocation final message rejects war in favor of ‘just peace’ Read more »

Convocation final message rejects war in favor of ‘just peace’ (May 25, 2011)

"We understand peace and peacemaking as an indispensable part of our common faith," states the opening sentence of a "final message" from the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC). The message issued yesterday, May 24, 2011, in Jamaica on the last day of the IEPC, is not considered an official statement of the sponsoring body, the World Council of Churches. Instead it is intended to represent a sense of the meeting. Read more »

Lwanj pou Bondyé ak Lapè sou Latè: Mésaj nan Konvokasyon Ékumenik Entènasyonal ak Lapè (May 25, 2011)

A Creole translation of the final message of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation, held in Jamaica in May 2011. “M'ap mande Bondye pou li ban nou, dapre richès pouvwa li a, fòs ak kouraj nan kè nou, pa mwayen pouvwa Sentespri a, pou nou ka grandi nan karaktè nou, pou Kris la rete nan kè nou ak konfyans nou gen nan li a. M'ap mande Bondye pou nou pouse rasin, pou nou chita byen fèm nan renmen,”(Efez 3:16-17) Read more »

‘Peace among the Peoples’ is subject for fourth plenary panel (May 23, 2011)

"We are invited as Christians to see working for peace at every level of society as an act of discipleship," said Lesley Anderson as he opened the fourth plenary panel discussion of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) on the theme, "Peace among the Peoples." "The question is, how?" Read more »

Journal from Jamaica - May 22, 2011 (May 22, 2011)

Here are some moments I’ll treasure in my memory of this peace convocation... Read more »

Hard hitting panel discussion critiques world economic system (May 21, 2011)

Can the market sow peace and security? Or does our worldwide economic system inevitably exclude the poor and have nots? These were the two crucial questions posed to a panel during a hard-hitting plenary session, talk-show style, on May 21. "Peace in the Marketplace" was the theme for the day at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC). Read more »

Journal from Jamaica - May 21, 2011 (May 21, 2011)

It can’t be easy to take care of almost a thousand international guests, with so many different needs and expectations. Even at the most chaotic times, such as yesterday afternoon when hundreds of people were trying to get their sack lunches for the Peace Concert, and the cafeteria staff were trying to make sure the right people got the right lunch boxes, no one was taking their stress or anxiety out on anyone else. The attendant at the women’s restroom tent exemplifies this attitude. She keeps 10-plus porta potties clean, maintain the hand washing station, soap, and towels, and even watches our belongings when we come in loaded with bags and umbrellas. And she’s always cheerful and friendly. Read more »

Mennonite ecumenical leader speaks about peace church contribution to Decade to Overcome Violence (May 20, 2011)

One of the results of the Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) has been the full inclusion of peace churches in the ecumenical family of the World Council of Churches, asserts Fernando Enns. Interviewed in the Peace Convocation meeting tent after opening worship this morning, Enns reviewed the role of the Historic Peace Churches (Church of the Brethren, Mennonites, and Quakers) in the Decade, and commented on what he sees as a major shift in attitude toward the Gospel of Peace by many other churches. Read more »

Daily themes highlight peace in the community, peace with the earth (May 20, 2011)

The four themes of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation each are receiving a day’s worth of attention, with a morning plenary session and afternoon "innerstandings" seminar sessions. Read more »

Journal from Jamaica - May 20, 2011 (May 20, 2011)

A Peace Concert in Kingston’s Emancipation Park wowed the ecumenical crowd along with locals who turned out despite a rainy start to the evening. Group after group of singers and dancers, drummers and violinists, bands and choirs filled the stage... Read more »

Journal from Jamaica - May 19, 2011 (May 19, 2011)

This evening there was an informal meeting of people from the "living peace churches"--a better name than Historic Peace Churches! Close to 30 people met at the outdoor café at Rex Nettleford residence hall... Read more »

Opening worship and plenary features strong speakers on peace (May 18, 2011)

The International Ecumenical Peace Convocation opened the afternoon of May 18 with worship and a first plenary session. Highlights included the attendance of Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the keynote address by Paul Oestreicher. Read more »

Journal from Jamaica - May 18, 2011 (May 18, 2011)

I realized I’d been feeling like that little lizard all afternoon. During the pomp and circumstance of the opening worship and plenary session of this meeting, like a little gecko on the wall, observing with staring eyes, transfixed by a being--the worldwide ecumenical Christian church--that's so much larger than me and quite unpredictable. Read more »

Journal from Jamaica: Reflections from the Peace Convocation - May 17, 2011 (May 17, 2011)

On my first day in Jamaica--actually on the way to Jamaica--I quickly realize that the Brethren group at this peace gathering are a handful in a multitude. Read more »

Newsline - May 16, 2011 (May 16, 2011)

Brethren delegation to attend International Ecumenical Peace Convocation; Board and members approve CoBCU merger; Emergency Disaster Fund distributes more than $360,00 in grants; Brethren in Nigeria affected by violence; New Believers Church Bible Commentary highlights 1, 2, 3 John; Iraq reflection; CWS aids children in Haiti; Brethren bits: Annual Conference birthdays, personnel, bookstore reminder, CPS website, more Read more »

Brethren in the News (May 16, 2011)

Links to recent news about Church of the Brethren people Read more »

Intercultural consultation celebrates unity through the cross of peace (May 10, 2011)

Approximately 100 Brethren from across the US and Puerto Rico gathered April 28-30 in Mills River, N.C., hosted by His Way Church of the Brethren/Iglesia Jesucristo El Camino and Southeastern District... Read more »

CDS cares for children in Alabama, receives requests from Mississippi and Tennessee (May 10, 2011)

Just as Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) is finishing a response to a devastating tornado in Tuscaloosa, Ala., new requests for services keep arriving, reports LethaJoy Martin of the CDS office... Read more »

Consulta Intercultural celebra la unidad a través de la Cruz de la Paz (May 10, 2011)

Aproximadamente 100 hermanos Brethren de los EE UU y Puerto Rico se reunieron del 28 al 30 de abril, en Mills River, Carolina del Norte, auspiciados por la Iglesia de los Hermanos/Iglesia Jesucristo el Camino y el Distrito Southeastern para la 13va Consulta y Celebración Intercultural Read more »

Brethren Disaster Ministries issues update on tornado, flood response (May 10, 2011)

Brethren Disaster Ministries (BDM) has issued a situation report on the severe storms in the South, and an update on its new rebuilding work following last year’s flooding in Tennessee. Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) also is reporting from its work to care for children and families affected by the disasters. (May 2011) Read more »

Church program in DR experiences financial, administrative problems (May 5, 2011)

The Church of the Brethren mission in the Dominican Republic and Iglesia de los Hermanos (the Church of the Brethren in the DR) have been facing financial and administrative problems in recent years. The program in the DR did not receive a clean audit report in its most recent annual financial audit... Read more »

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