Brethren active in health care


This listing is provided by the Church of the Brethren Newsline in order to help us recognize, thank, and pray for Church of the Brethren members who are caring for people’s health right now.

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To add to this listing, send an email with first name, county, and state of Brethren active in health care to -- from nurses and doctors, to therapists and pharmacists and dentists, to aides and chaplains, paramedics and EMTs, hospital volunteers and staff of clinics and retirement communities, and other roles in direct health care. This listing features only first names and location by county and state so as not to fully identify anyone online.

Katrina, Maricopa County

Amanda  ■  Kirsten, Butte County  ■  John, Sacramento County  ■  Laura, San Francisco County  ■  Nwadi, San Francisco County  ■  Tyler, San Mateo County  ■  John, Sutter County

District of Colombia
Ingrid Washington, D.C.  ■  Janet, Washington, D.C.

Arbie, Cook County  ■  Betsy, Cook County  ■  Elizabeth, Cook County  ■  Carol, Kane County  ■  David, Kane County  ■  Sarah, Kane County  ■  Susan, Kane County  ■  Cassidy, Lake County  ■  Donna, McHenry County 

Carlos, Allen County  ■ Liz, Allen County  ■ Nykki, Decatur County  ■  Jeff, Elkhart County  ■  Joy, Hamilton County  ■  Nia, Hendricks County  ■  Jayne, Howard County  ■  Darion, Marion County  ■  Trysha, Marion County  ■  Sally, Marion County  ■  Erin, Marshall County  ■ Kelly, Noble County  ■ Kristan, Noble County  ■ Rhonda, Noble County  ■ Anna, St. Joseph County  ■  Becca, St. Joseph County  ■  Harriet, Saint Joseph County  ■  Michelle, St. Joseph County  ■  Stephen, St. Joseph County  ■  Ann, Tippecanoe County  ■  Debbie, Wabash County  ■  Elizabeth, Wabash County  ■  Eric, Wabash County  ■  Judy, Wabash County  ■  Laura, Wabash County  ■  Lori, Wabash County  ■  Lynn, Wabash County  ■  Pam, Wabash County  ■  Paul, Wabash County  ■  Ekwealor, Wayne County  ■ Abby, Whitley County  ■ Chelsey, Whitley County  ■ Holly, Whitley County  ■ Jennifer, Whitley County  ■ Sandy, Whitley County  ■ Sheila, Whitley County  ■ Trista, Whitley County

Paul, McPherson County

Jennifer, Anne Arundel County  ■  Rhonda, Carroll County  ■  Sierra, Carroll County   ■  Amanda, Frederick County  ■  Gloria, Montgomery County  ■  Heather B., Washington County  ■  Heather M., Washington County  ■  Jessica, Washington County

Brad, Cass County  ■  Rachel, Cass County  ■  Alexa, Kent County  ■  Beth, Kent County  ■  Cyprian, Kent County  ■  Josh, Kent County  ■  Lisa, Kent County  ■  Mark, Kent County  ■  Theo, Kent County   ■  Shelley, Livingston County   ■  Bethany, Saginaw County  ■  Evan, Washtenaw County

Andrea, Fillmore County  ■  Jamie, Olmsted County  ■  Betty, Winona County  ■  Joyce, Winona County  ■  Marilyn, Winona County  ■  Rachel, Winona County  ■  Todd, Winona County

New York
Rachel, Monroe County

North Carolina
Amanda, Rockingham County  ■  Anna, Rockingham County  ■  Dollie, Rockingham County  ■  Julie, Rockingham County  ■  Lisa, Rockingham County  ■  Pete, Rockingham County

Joy, Portage County

Lani Wright, Marion County

Devin, Augusta County   ■  Lauren, Augusta County  ■  Savannah, Augusta County  ■  Tessa, Harrisonburg County  ■  Martha, Fauquier County   ■  Diane, Henry County  ■  Cindy, Page County  ■  Debbie, Page County  ■   Steve, Page County  ■  Tina, Page County  ■  Autumn, Prince William County  ■  Ben, Prince William County  ■   Donna, Prince William County  ■  Heather, Prince William County  ■  Kathy, Prince William County  ■  Krista, Prince William County  ■  Michelle, Prince William County  ■  Rose, Prince William County  ■  Harmony, Roanoke County  ■  Bradley, Roanoke County  ■  Brittany, Roanoke County  ■  Beth, Rockingham County

Allison, Milwaukee County


Ruoxia and Eric, Shanxi Province

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