Brethren Disaster Ministries directs $70,500 in EDF grants to Burundi refugee crisis

Brethren Disaster Ministries has directed another two grants from the Emergency Disaster Fund (EDF) totaling $70,500 to the Burundi refugee crisis, in addition to a grant of $11,500 that was made in June.

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“Since April 2015, Burundians have been fleeing their country following election violence and a failed coup, which has led to the deterioration of safety and security,” explained the Brethren Disaster Ministries grant request. “This has led to significant displacement towards surrounding countries, with the largest influx of refugees--more than 50,000--arriving in Tanzania.”

An allocation of $60,000 is supporting Church World Service (CWS) humanitarian assistance for Burundi refugees in Tanzania, where living conditions at the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp have become dire as existing facilities are inadequate. “Tensions have arisen between the newly-arriving Burundian refugees and the Congolese refugees, some of whom have lived there for 20 years,” the grant request said. Tanzania’s government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have been selecting a nearby location where a new refugee camp can be built for the newly-arrived Burundian refugees.

The funds from the EDF will support local partners of CWS in providing emergency aid for more than 50,000 individuals over the next year, including safe water, appropriate sanitation and hygiene, shelter, household supplies, protection for women and girls, and psychosocial support.

A grant of $10,500 is being directed to the Shalom Ministry for Reconciliation and Development of the Congolese Brethren. The Shalom Ministry also received the previous allocation of $11,500. The ministry is providing 350 refugee families with emergency food including corn flour, beans, cooking oil, and salt.

This most recent grant supports a second phase of the response which includes the distribution of laundry soap, household and cooking supply kits, and clothing for the 350 households, which represent 2,800 people.

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