In the Church of the Brethren, the call to set-apart ministry is of God. The discernment process, while deeply personal, is not solely a private affair. Individuals are called by God and the church through both a profound inner conviction and the affirmation of such conviction by a congregation.

Calling begins in the congregation. Either a person who feels led by God to explore whether he or she may be called to ministry or a congregation who has experienced gifts of ministry in one of its members may initiate the call. Congregational leaders observe the spiritual maturity and commitment of all persons within their congregation, anticipating that some will be ready to answer God’s call to ministerial leadership. Congregations should provide encouragement and positive role models for those considering ministry. The process of discernment is critical for both the ministry candidate and the church.

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The 50-minute, five-segment video “How are They to Hear,” is a resource available to congregations to help identify and call persons to the ministry. To obtain a copy, contact the Ministry Office.

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