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Living Simply

Sunday supper

The aromas were delectable, but more than the food I remember the satisfaction that came from the joy of loved ones gathered around the dinner table.

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A river of death

Hundreds of people moved into the valley of a contaminated river in search of a place to live. But what they found was a place to die.

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Stories from the Cities

A church for everybody

Harrisburg First Church is a place that welcomes all people regardless of their income level, history, ethnicity, culture, or mental health state.

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Just Christians

As we sit with a time of protests and calls for “justice” in our communities and our world, there is no better time to reflect on what justice means.

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From the Publisher

New contributing editors named

Messenger welcomes a group of new contributing editors, leaders from across the church with a range of experiences and viewpoints. Find out who they are!

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Climate Change

Creating a climate for new life

On a sunny day in May of 2014, Germany generated a record 74 percent of its electricity renewably...Perhaps more surprisingly, Costa Rica currently...

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Living Simply

Broken Wholeness

They were quite the pair, the cook and her kitchen, both a little broken, both temporarily limited, and neither as new as they used to be.

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