Intercultural Ministries

Past events

Intercultural Ministries Presents at Bethany Seminary: two days of conversations and workshops at Bethany Seminary entitled “Ministry in Two Americas” about the contemporary challenges for those in ministry in our country, led by Gimbiya Kettering (2/10-11/2016).

All God's People Say Amen! 2015

2014 Intercultural Luncheon: "Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling": Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

Unity 2014 - Pacific Southwest district

2013 - The Great Multitude - Great Multitude event photos

2011 Intercultural Consultation and Celebration: United by the Cross of Christ
Consulta y Celebración Intercultural 2011: Unidos por la Cruz de Paz

News summary * en español * photo album (fotos)Online video recording

2010 Intercultural Consultation and Celebration: Celebrating diversity with harmony  

News summary * webcast (recording, hosted by Bethany Theological Seminary)

2009 Cross Cultural Celebration and Consultation - Miami, Florida - photo journal - news - noticias en español

2008 Cross-Cultural Consultation and Celebration - Elgin, Illinois  -- News summary of 2008 event

2007 Cross Cultural Consultation - New Windsor, Maryland

2006 Cross Cultural Consultation and Celebration - Lancaster, Pennsylvania