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Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

For more than five centuries, the Doctrine of Discovery and the international laws based upon it have legalized the theft of land, labor and resources from Indigenous peoples across the world. The Doctrine of Discovery originated with the Christian church and was based on Christian Scripture. But outside of Indigenous people and scholars, few people are aware of the Doctrine of Discovery.

Learn about the Doctrine of Discovery (large file)

Intercultural Ministries Presents at Bethany Seminary: two days of conversations and workshops at Bethany Seminary entitled “Ministry in Two Americas” about the contemporary challenges for those in ministry in our country, led by Gimbiya Kettering (2/10-11/2016).

All God's People Say Amen! 2015

2014 Intercultural Luncheon: "Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling": Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

Unity 2014 - Pacific Southwest district

2013 - The Great Multitude - Great Multitude event photos

2011 Intercultural Consultation and Celebration: United by the Cross of Christ
Consulta y Celebración Intercultural 2011: Unidos por la Cruz de Paz

News summary * en español * photo album (fotos)Online video recording

2010 Intercultural Consultation and Celebration: Celebrating diversity with harmony  

News summary * webcast (recording, hosted by Bethany Theological Seminary)

2009 Cross Cultural Celebration and Consultation - Miami, Florida - photo journal - news - noticias en español

2008 Cross-Cultural Consultation and Celebration - Elgin, Illinois  -- News summary of 2008 event

2007 Cross Cultural Consultation - New Windsor, Maryland

2006 Cross Cultural Consultation and Celebration - Lancaster, Pennsylvania