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Honor Native American Heritage Month

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  • Daily Learning – Readings, online video, exploring websites
  • Weekly Call – Thursdays at 1:00-2:30 PM EST

November 1: Gathering

Coming together to prayerfully set our intention and commitment to honor seek a mature, faith-based perspective in our interactions and understandings.

November 8: Calling

Invoking the spirit of dikaios --righteousness and justice-- as we review our historical interactions with Native Americans and the way that history is taught and retold.

November 15: Forming

Understanding of our own time by listening to contemporary Native America experiences in the context of current cultural practices and policies.

November 22: Sending

Use what you have learned so far this month, intentionally add a reflection to your Thanksgiving celebration. (No call)

November 29: Gathering

Reflecting together on what we have learned, how this changed our Thanksgiving celebration, and how to move forward with this awareness.

A joint project of Intercultural Ministries, Office of Peacebuilding and Policy, and Global Food Initiative. The ministries of the Church of the Brethren are supported by your donations and time. CEUs for participants who attend all 4 calls (.6 CEUs, $10 payable after completion).

Register for the challenge

Continuing Together call series

Continuing Together – The Conversation

An emerging conversation that takes place virtually, deepening the dialogue within our denomination about race, class, ethnicity, power, poverty/wealth, and other aspects of national and individual identity that too often are reduced to simplistic soundbites and binary dichotomies. As Christians and as Brethren, we are called to a new identity rooted in our faith, the grace of God moving in our midst, our connection with others in the body of Christ, and agape—a complex, encompassing love that surpasses human understanding.


What is the Continuing Together Conversation?

An emerging virtual space (options to join by video/computer and audio/telephone) for those seeking to bring faith-based perspectives, Scriptural reflections, and Brethren theological-culture to the secular concerns and trends about race, culture, ethnicity and other identity-focused ideas. By reflecting and sharing together about our experiences, stories, and the Biblical stories and passages that inspire us, we can hear one another’s testimonies, explore together the love that God holds for all of us and build bridges over the wide spaces in our culture. When we encounter these conversations in our communities and other spaces in our lives we will have had practice having these conversations and tools for speaking up and speaking out based on our faith.

Who is invited?

YOU! These calls are open to all!

Before you get here – please watch/read/listen to the resource tools that are going to ground and guide the conversation. Please take a moment to prayerfully reflect on your journey and connections to the topic –and realize that others who are the call will also bring personal connections and stories. Our stories are going to be different from each other and we share them in the spirit of agape, a love that listens to the differences and accepts that God’s love is wide enough to embrace those differences.

If a topic is too intense for you to participate in a community call but you want to find space to be part of a conversation, please contact Gimbiya Kettering directly to explore alternative ways to be involved.


Thursday afternoons for now. Keep a look out for a survey in the upcoming months to determine how this is working and if we need to change this.

Do I have to attend all the calls?

You can attend just one call – depending on your interests and availability. For those who attend more than one call, there will be opportunities to see links and commonalities.

How do you decide the topic?

As the national conversations and popular culture twists around issues that also connect deeply with the souls and life experiences of individuals based on their culture, race, and ethnic, Intercultural Ministries seeks to find ways to have conversations within our denomination.

A good topic needs to have an easily accessible resource (i.e., video, movie, podcast, article) that brings a story and shares multiple perspectives on an issue.

If there is a topic that feels important to you, please email us.

Can I be a Co-Host?

We welcome people who have personal connections, experiences, and passions to co-host a relevant call. You can nominate yourself or someone else when you submit a topic for discussion. It is very helpful if you can participate in at least two other calls and/or in-person Intercultural Ministry events before co-hosting, so you get a sense of the structure of the calls and our community conversations before cohosting.

How do I join the call?

This call is accessible by computer video or telephone audio. Please check the Intercultural Ministries website page or Facebook Page for more information and links.