Developing Support

Haiti Medical Project operates with a non-traditional, grass roots financial plan—relying primarily on designated gifts of congregations, individuals and organizations to a fund for immediate project support, to a growing endowment fund or to other more specific designations (such as pure water projects or maternal care programs.)

Mobile clinic

In 2011 when the Project was launched the Church of the Brethren Mission and Ministry Board was in process of a needed program reduction resulting from declining funding. Global Mission and Service Executive, Jay Wittmeyer, was centrally involved in the planning of the project but unable to provide budget support. Instead he turned to volunteers who took on the challenge of finding direct “over and above” funding for the new ministry.

The support of the Brethren and other committed organizations has been amazing! As a result there have been important gifts from Brethren World Mission and the Brethren Mission Fund—two consortia of Brethren leaders interested in supporting world mission. Many congregations have adopted the project for mission offerings, Christmas offerings, as a Vacation Bible School project, or have added it to their budget. Individuals have responded with generous support. Beginning in 2014 the Royer Family Foundation has undergirded Haiti Medical Project generously.

The $30,000 needed for initial work in 2012 was achieved and surpassed. For 2017 the program budget is $294,000! An endowment fund for the project already has $400,000 toward its $600,000 goal, generating annual program support of $20,000 - 25,000 per year.

Program Budget for 2017

48 Mobile Clinics (including 10 in the Hurricane Matthew devastation area) $100,000
Clinic related costs 6,500
Community development salaries, community field leaders 38,660
Income generation, women’s economic projects 18,060
Maternal care, school nurses, dispensaries 37,400
Water projects 17,000*
Translation materials, Spanish to Creole 3,000
Agriculture projects 9,950
Accounting charges 4,800
Staff training, Honduras 7,000
New vehicle, maintenance 45,000
Program evaluation 6,640
Total $294,010

*More as special gifts permit

Endowment Fund

As a step toward project sustainability, an endowment fund was established in 2012 that will continue to generate growth in earnings to support Haiti Medical Project. The idea is to provide “forever” funds that will generate earnings year after year for program expenses. Already about $400,000 is in place, expected to generate $20,000 - $25,000 toward 2017 costs. The income stream continues indefinitely and grows as the size of the endowment grows.

Special opportunity: a donor has offered over $23,000 with a challenge to provide a 50% match to additional endowment fund gifts until an additional $46,000 is raised. Just another reason to make another endowment gift!

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