Historical Roots

Amazing Growth in the Haitian Church

Beginning about 2003 the Haitian American Brethren in places like Florida began to plant churches in some of the home communities of their members. This work, led by Rev. Ludovic St. Fleur, Pastor of the Miami, FL Haitian congregation has grown rapidly. Today (or at last count—it is hard to keep up!) there are 23 Brethren congregations in Haiti and several preaching points scattered widely across the country, relating to about 3,000 participants.

Devastating Disasters—Visionary Response

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The growing new church has emerged during a time of devastating national disasters—including major flooding in 2008 and a massive earthquake in 2010 and significant hurricane damage in 2016. The new church leaders gave useful counsel to the Church of the Brethren in its significant disaster response in Haiti. In addition to building nearly 200 homes in Haiti, this experience has helped form new churches with strong core values of service and community improvement.

Advocacy for a Medical Ministry

Early on the Haitian leaders asked for medical help for their communities. In the wake of the 2010 earthquake Brethren Disaster Ministries sponsored a week of mobile clinics—seeing 1,500 people over five days, running out of medicines, and documenting both the need for and the challenges of such ministry.

Haiti Medical Project Formed

At the continued urging of the Haitian leaders an on-going medical response was formed at the end of 2011 and had its first year of operation in 2012. It consisted of a Haitian medical team of doctors and nurses leading mobile clinics in a number of the communities where the Brethren now have churches. The response to the mobile clinics and the subsequent longer-term work in community development has been heartening and affirming.

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