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Haiti Medical Project Overview

Persons living in most communities in Haiti have almost no opportunity to see a physician and cannot afford hospital care. As a result, health care needs in Haiti are acute. The incidence of infectious disease is elevated. Few births are attended by any trained provider. Water borne disease is prevalent. Infant and maternal mortality are high.

Beginning in 2011 the Church of the Brethren has been sponsoring the Haiti Medical Project as a way to begin to meet these needs in the communities where new Haitian Brethren congregations are located. This work is a partnership with Eglise des Freres de Haiti (the Church of the Brethren in Haiti), which now has 23 congregations serving about 3,000 participants.

The initial phase of Haiti Medical Project was to provide mobile clinics led by an all-Haitian team of doctors, nurses and support personnel that serves our related communities. Local Brethren congregations provide pre-screening and logistical support. Beginning with 16 clinics in 2012, the clinic ministry grew to provide about 48 clinics annually, serving about 8,000 persons (an average of over 165 per clinic.)

Building on the success of the mobile clinics, in 2015 Haiti Medical Project added a second major dimension—a Community Development Team addressing longer-term issues of high mortality rates, inadequate nutrition, and insufficient family income.

Currently the Community Development Team consists of four community field workers, two maternal care nurses, two part-time school nurses and a Spanish-Creole material translator. For 2018 we are adding two half-time maternal care nurses as we expand to serve mothers and children in additional communities and an additional field staff member to help with additional construction projects related to the expanded Pure Water emphasis. Currently the Community Development team enables programming in maternal care, rural dispensaries, agriculture, pure water, and income enhancement.

Haiti Medical Project operates with a non-traditional, grass roots financial plan—relying primarily on designated gifts of congregations and individuals to a fund for immediate project support or to a growing endowment fund.

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