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Stories of your support: Transforming land and people

file type E-news Summer 2019 - (334 KB)
Haiti soil conservation, Rwanda impact, Dominican Republic farm visit, Nigeria soybean training, book review: Growing a Revolution
file type E-news Spring 2019 - (320 KB)
Puerto Rico, Nigeria, small-scale farm equipment, solar refrigeration, community garden grants
file type E-news Winter 2018 - (287 KB)
Projects, celebrations, and fundraisers changing the world in Ohio, Haiti, Burundi, Ecuador, Virginia, and Nigeria
file type E-news Fall 2018 - (1017 KB)
Community garden grants, Nigeria agriculture update, Foods Resource Bank, Haiti-Honduras exchange, and book review
file type GFI E-news Summer 2018 - (141 KB)
Retreat in New Orleans, rabbit project in the Dominican Republic, Potsdam Community Garden, grants given to date in 2018
file type GFI E-news Spring 2018 - (278 KB)
Community orchards in Ecuador, aquaponics in Haiti, food for hospice patients in China, book review of "To Alter Your World", and grant updates

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