Office of the General Secretary

David A. Steele, general secretary

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Brethren sign on to letter urging steps to mend divisions between communities, law enforcement (July 23, 2016)

Church of the Brethren interim general secretary Dale Minnich has signed on to a letter from an interfaith coalition to Congressional leaders, which urges that steps be taken to mend divisions between communities and law enforcement. Read more »

Church leaders call the Brethren to be ‘a landmark of refuge’ in a time of ‘great civil violence’ (July 12, 2016)

Church of the Brethren leaders have released a statement following on a week of shootings that have rocked the nation. The statement is signed by Carol A. Scheppard, moderator of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference; Samuel Sarpiya, moderator-elect of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference; and Dale E. Minnich, interim general secretary of the Church of the Brethren. The statement follows in full: Read more »

Un punto de referencia y de refugio (July 12, 2016)

Los Líderes de la Iglesia de los Hermanos, ante las olas de tiroteos, y violencias que ha sacudido nuestra Nación, pronunciaron las siguientes declaraciones’ firmada por Carol A. Scheppard, quien es la Moderadora de la Conferencia anual, Samuel Sarpiya, Moderador electo de la conferencia anual, y Dale E. Minnich, Secretario general interino de la Iglesia de los Hermanos Read more »

Delegates refer ‘Query: Same Sex Weddings’ to Leadership Team and CODE (July 5, 2016)

Delegates to the 2016 Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren have referred the concerns of “Query: Same Sex Weddings” to the Leadership Team of the Church of the Brethren in consultation with the Council of District Executives (CODE). The vote to refer the query was close to unanimous. Read more »

Leaders on the Church of the Brethren staff call for courage to proclaim and embody peace (June 13, 2016)

Today leaders on the Church of the Brethren denominational staff released the following statement responding to the mass shooting in Orlando, Fla.: Read more »