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Continuing the work of Jesus

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Brethren believe God is at work in the world. Instead of taking God into the world, the task of evangelism is to invite others to consider what it means to have God working in their lives, and to move about in the world in a way that helps others see God’s activity.

Further, the task of evangelism is to help others become familiar with God’s activity

  • in the past through scripture
  • in the present through God's community and
  • in the future through the challenges and promises of the gospel.

Brethren call themselves and others to immerse themselves in this work of God in the world by “continuing the work of Jesus, peacefully, simply, together.”

Brethren do not claim a corner on the truth of Christ, but we believe we have been entrusted with a unique part of the larger Christian witness; we feel called to share this with the world. The manner of our living is connected to both the gospel and the world through growing communities of disciples who follow Jesus and continue the work God is doing in him.

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