Death Row Support Project

Due to the very positive response DRSP had in July and August, sign up is temporarily shut down so that those who have already signed up can receive information in a timely manner. We expect to resume accepting applications on October 1. Please come back then! While waiting, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are eager to begin writing to someone on death row, please consider joining one of these other excellent pen pal organizations: LifeLines, Human Writes, or LifeSpark.

“Everybody on death row needs someone at their side.”—Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

A person confined to death row often spends up to 23 hours each day alone in a small cell—for years and sometimes decades.

Letters can bring a ray of hope to the darkness of death row.

For those on the outside, learning to know just one prisoner can dispel some of the misconceptions and fears about prisons and the people locked away inside of them.

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There are
2948 people on death row

1866 are being written to

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