Death Row Support Project

“Everybody on death row needs someone at their side.”—Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

Since 1978, the Death Row Support Project has been facilitating one-to-one correspondence with people sentenced to death. During that time thousands of individuals from around the world have responded to the challenge of connecting with those on death row.

A person confined to death row often spends up to 23 hours each day alone in a small cell—for years and sometimes decades. Most are not allowed to work and many live in poverty and receive no visits, mail or support from the outside world.

The isolation can be crippling. Those with support systems of friends and families say that such connections are vital for maintaining physical and mental health in the stark conditions of prison. Letters can bring a ray of hope to the darkness of death row. And for those on the outside, learning to know just one prisoner can dispel some of the misconceptions and fears about prisons and the people locked away inside of them.

Those who write letters from outside the walls are a diverse group of people of all ages, backgrounds, professions, motivating forces, and religious affiliations; all share a common dedication to writing and a desire to bring some humanity to the lives of the men and women on death row. Are you ready to start writing to someone?

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There are
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DRSP Quilt

This quilt illustrates the light and hope brought to those on death row through letters written by caring individuals. Read the artist's statement about the quilt.