Roebling Bridge, 1870

Dikaios & Discipleship

Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
— Matthew 5:6

The Ohio River has long been a symbol: On one side slavery and on the other, freedom. Our history, as a denomination and as a nation, is just as interwoven with the complexities of race and racism. Of freedom and enslavement. Of oppression and injustice.

Cincinnati, the site of this year's Annual Conference, is interwoven with the complicated history of race in our nation. Christians along the Ohio River wrestled with Scriptures as they made decisions about how to live out their faith in the context of the slavery, Jim Crow, and the on-going manifestations of White supremacy. Many who participated in the Underground Railroad did so because their faith insisted on the sanctity of life and that we are all equals before God. Yet, as recently as 2001, there have been protests as people struggle to be recognized as equal citizens before the law.

Join us on a Scripture-inspired tour of a region that has monuments to the Confederacy and a museum celebrating the Underground Railroad.

Dikaios: (dik'-ah-yos) a Greek word used throughout the New Testament and interpreted in many ways – it is a word used to describe people who are holy, righteous, and in honest and honorable relationships with God and others.