Children’s Disaster Services

Equipping volunteers

CDS volunteer training (2009)
Photo courtesy of Children's Disaster Services

Volunteers from across the country...

  • participate in a specialized experiential workshop.
  • undergo a rigorous screening process.
  • learn to work with children after a disaster.
  • are capable of mobilizing rapidly.
  • respond both locally and nationally.

Although many volunteers are motivated by faith, CDS’ training is open to anyone over 18 years old.   

Equipping volunteers - CDS training

Participants CDS training learn to provide comfort and encouragement to children by offering the healing young children need in traumatic situations. They learn to create a safe, friendly environment that gives children the chance to engage in therapeutic play activities designed to relieve stress and calm fears.

Workshops include a simulated shelter experience (an overnight stay) and will be provided to any group of 15 or more adults interested in working with children after a disaster.  Participants completing the course will have the opportunity to become certified Children’s Disaster Services volunteers.

Because children can experience personal disasters (when a friend moves away, a pet dies, etc.) people who come in contact with a distressed child can benefit from this workshop.  Many of the concepts taught in Children's Disaster Services workshops are appropriate to use at those times as well as after disasters.