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#804: Abode Services
Fremont,  California
Abode Services at Sunrise Village Shelter provides transitional shelter and comprehensive support services to single adults and families with children who are experiencing homelessness.

#809: Project PLASE
Baltimore,  Maryland
Project PLASE is a homeless housing organization working to bring hope, restore dignity, and end the cycle of homelessness for clients and their families.

#823: La Puente Home
Alamosa,  Colorado
La Puente Home provides emergency, shelter, food services, advocacy, and transitional assistance for the homeless and community members in crisis in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Programs also support migrant farm workers that live and work in the San Luis Valley during harvest season. The project aims to meet immediate needs and to empower people to live independently and with dignity.

#849: SnowCap Food Pantry
Fairview,  Oregon
SnowCap Food Pantry is a 52-year-old charity providing food and clothing to over 9,000 low-income neighbors each month. SnowCap is a great fit for volunteers who love a fast-paced environment, having fun, and being part of something bigger than themselves.

#851: Sisters of the Road
Portland,  Oregon
Sisters of the Road exists to build authentic relationships through our day-to-day work of running the café together and our work to create systemic change that improves the lives of people dealing with poverty and homelessness.

#855: Human Solutions
Portland,  Oregon
Human Solutions has been helping homeless and low-income families build pathways out of poverty since 1988. Human Solutions seeks a Volunteer Energy Program Specialist who will screen people for eligibility and complete applications for our Energy Assistance Program.

#859: Deep Roots, Inc.
Earleville,  Maryland
Deep Roots operates a homeless community called Clairvaux Farm, where we host up to ten families.

#861: Good Samaritan Services
Ephrata,  Pennsylvania
Good Samaritan Services gives immediate help to people who are experiencing homelessness, and helps those at risk of becoming homeless. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to work hand in hand with the women and children in the Emergency Shelter program.

#922: Alderson Hospitality House
Alderson,  West Virginia
Alderson Hospitality House seeks a Volunteer to share in the life and work of our ministry. We provide lodging, meals, transportation, and support to those visiting loved ones at a nearby federal women’s prison camp.

#1005: Union Victoria Community in Popular Resistance
Union Victoria,  Guatemala
The community members of Union Victoria suffered over 15 years of persecution from the Guatemalan military and have settled to begin rebuilding their community and lives. A volunteer is needed to live in solidarity with the community and offer a level of security through international presence.

#1032: Bernardo Kohler Center
Austin,  Texas
The Bernardo Kohler Center is a nonprofit organization providing legal, social and educational services. Its mission is to attain safety, respect, and justice for abused, abandoned, neglected juveniles, victims of crime, human trafficking, and asylum seekers. Its work centers on Special Immigrant Juvenile petitions, Crime Victims (U-Visa applications), Victims of Human Trafficking (T-Visa applications), and Asylum.

#1100.5: National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund
Washington,  District of Columbia
The National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund is a non-profit organization established to pass the Religions Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act.

#1101.9: El Centro Arte para la Paz
Suchitoto,  El Salvador
El Centro Arte para la Paz is a locally-supported organization that works to develop and promote a culture of peace through creativity, imagination, cultural exchange, and the arts.

#1102.2: Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy
Washington,  District of Columbia
The Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy seeks to live the peace of Jesus publicly by educating on issues and peace theology, advocating on Capitol Hill, and organizing Church of the Brethren members and congregations to take action on issues of concern for the denomination.

#1102.3: Reconcile International
Yei,  South Sudan
Peacebuilders are sought to work as an administrative associate alongside indigenous leadership with RECONCILE International, a peace and reconciliation organization in South Sudan. Workers are also sought to serve in South Sudan with the Africa Inland Church in such fields as education, community health, agriculture, and local church ministry.

#1129: World Friendship Center
Nishi-ku Hiroshima,  Japan
The World Friendship Center promotes peace through classes, Peace Park tours and Hibakusha (A-bomb survivor) story scheduling, and by participating in a variety of community based Peace activities.

#1130: Center on Conscience & War
Washington,  District of Columbia
The Center on Conscience & War (CCW, formerly NISBCO) is a 77-year-old nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend and extend the rights of conscientious objectors to war.

#1179: Corrymeela
Ballycastle,  Northern Ireland
Corrymeela is an ecumenical Christian community, and Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organization. For over 50 years we have been transforming division through human encounter. Long associated with cross-community work in response to The Troubles, we continue to work with groups around sectarianism, marginalization, legacies of conflict, and public theology.

#1214: Family Abuse Center
Waco,  Texas
The Family Abuse Center is the domestic violence program for Central Texas, including the city of Waco and the eight surrounding counties. Our services include a 56 bed shelter (which houses predominately women and children, sometimes a few men) who are victims of domestic violence. We provide three meals a day, snacks, counseling, case management, legal advocacy, and access to community resources that empower survivors to start new lives. We also provide non-residential services with several housing programs, counseling and legal advocacy.

#1317: Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity
Lancaster,  Pennsylvania
Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with God and people everywhere, from all walks for life, to develop communities with God’s people. We do this by building houses to provide decent homes in decent communities where people can live and grow into all that God intended.

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