#618: L'Arche de Cuise

 Cuise la Motte, France

BVS placements are available at some of the many L’Arche communities in Europe.

Website: http://www.arche-cuise.org/

Job Descriptions

L’Arche de Cuise consists of six houses and two workshops in a small village near Compiegne, 80 kilometers from Paris. The Community invites Volunteers to come and share daily life with people with intellectual disabilities where everyone is valued regardless of ability, creed or culture. This can be challenging, but the relationships forged in the homes are rich and meaningful.

L'Arche communities are based on relationships of mutual support and friendship between people of different social, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Committing to being a volunteer offers you time to reflect on your choices and expectations for life. The volunteer should have a basic knowledge of French and the willingness to learn more. A driver's license is helpful.


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Please read the statement about volunteering overseas in the FAQ section