#304: Cross Keys Village Brethren Home Community

 New Oxford, Pennsylvania

Other Senior Citizens Projects:

Cross Keys Village – The Brethren Home Community is seeking volunteers with a passion for enhancing the lives of those living and working on our campus. There are a variety of opportunities available to meet the individual’s specific skills and talents from coordinating neighborhood activities and programs in healthcare to specific service-oriented departments such as Campus Inn Restaurant Host/Hostess or on-campus shuttle runs.

Website: http://www.crosskeysvillage.org

Job Descriptions

Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community’s mission is a vessel for Christian ministry reflecting the Church of the Brethren value of compassionate service, promotes health and wholeness, provides nursing care, rehabilitation services and adult residential housing to individuals of all faiths. Volunteers seeking assignment must be caring, enthusiastic, dependable, flexible, self-directed and work well with others. Computer skills are an asset. Physical requirements vary dependent upon the opportunity. Volunteers are required to provide proof of physical examination and have completed a two-step PPD (tuberculosis screen) prior to time of service.