Material Resources volunteer opportunities

The Material Resources warehouse has an ongoing need for volunteers to assist with the processing and quality control of health/hygiene kits as well as processing of additional donated items such as school kits, baby kits & layettes, or soaps and cleaning supplies. Seasonal help is needed with unloading of boxcars and trailers.

Volunteers typically stand, or sit depending on the job. Most work is done in a temperature controlled area. Modest, comfortable clothing and low-heel closed-toe shoes should be worn. The area allows for a maximum of 25 volunteers. Volunteers can be as young as 14. Youth, ages 14-17, need a signed permission slip (parental consent form). We welcome both individual volunteers as well as groups. Additional information about volunteering at the Brethren Service Center campus can be found at Volunteering at Brethren Service Center

Volunteer hours are between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri. The warehouse is located at the Brethren Service Center Annex, 601 Main Street, New Windsor, Md.

Groups traveling from out of the area are invited to discuss overnite accomodations with Zigler Hospitality at BSC.

Meal Information

Lunch is provided at no cost when volunteering for 5 or more hours. If volunteering for less than 5 hours lunch is provided at a cost of $4.50 per person. You have the option of bringing your own meal, but please let us know in advance.

The Brethren Service Center will provide lunch in the cafeteria in Zigler Building located on the Brethren Service Center campus. If the cafeteria is closed an alternate lunch option such as sandwiches or pizza and a beverage will be provided.

In order to properly prepare for meals we do ask for a firm volunteer count 7 days prior to your volunteer date. Additional local owned restaurants are Buttersburg Inn, Baugher's and Uncle Matty's Eatery.

Arrangements can be made to volunteer in Material Resources by contacting Terry at 410-635-8794 or