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Inglenook Desserts

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The newest addition to the Inglenook series with over 175 recipes from today's kitchens. It is a cookbook that originates from the rich heritage we share and includes essays and reflections on traditions both old and new.

Since 1901, Inglenook Cookbooks have been bringing generations together.
Live simply. Eat well.

Shine Curriculum

Explore God’s love with Shine Sunday school curriculum

Build a foundation of faith that will serve a lifetime with Shine. For more information and sample sessions visit: www.ShineCurriculum.com

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A Poetry of the Soul

With the heart of a pastor and the pen of a poet, Gibble offers literate slices of life that will be both familiar and unfamiliar and invites the reader into deeper reflection, contemplation, and meditation.

Speak Peace

A collection of 366 daily readings on on peace and peacemaking.
Read peace. Speak peace. Pursue peace. Make peace.