Title:                Rev. H. Austin Cooper Collection


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Boxes:             4 record center cartons, 3 regular Hollinger boxes




 Herbert Austin Cooper was born April 20, 1911, in Brunswick, MD, to Herbert E. and Lillie Mae Orrison Cooper. He was married to Virginia A. Younkins Cooper, and had two sons, Lynn A. Cooper and Larry C. Cooper.

He graduated valedictorian from Brunswick High School in Brunswick, MD. Cooper earned a bachelor’s of sacred literature from Bethany Biblical Seminary, Chicago, IL, and a bachelor’s from Bridgewater College. He conducted his post-graduate studies at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

During his long and distinguished career, Rev. Cooper was pastor of the Hastings Church of the Brethren, Chicago, IL; Stoney Creek Church of the Brethren in OH; Pleasantview and the Sharpsburg Churches of the Brethren in MD; Brothersvalley Church of the Brethren, Brotherton, PA.; Salem Church of the Brethren and Reiman Church of the Brethren, both of Sommerset, PA; Barren Ridge Church of the Brethren, Staunton, VA; Pipe Creek Church of the Brethren, New Windsor, MD; Bush Creek Church of the Brethren, Monrovia, MD; and returned again to Pleasantview Church of the Brethren, Burkittsville, MD, from where he retired. 

            He was a founding member of Camp Woodbrook, near Mount Airy, and Camp Peniel, Thurmont, both in Maryland, and served as camp director for Camp Harmony at Johnstown, PA; and Camp Bethel, near Natural Chimney, VA, for many years.

            Cooper was a member of Frederick (MD) Church of the Brethren and served as secretary of the three districts of the Eastern, Middle and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the Church of the Brethren, and for many years, conducted evangelist services for the Church of the Brethren at large. He served 11 years as chairman for the General Historical Society committee for the Church of the Brethren, Elgin, IL. Cooper helped to organize the reconstruction of Antietam’s Dunker Church in 1962, and also assisted with the Sharpsburg-Antietam Observance of the Battles of South Mountain and Antietam during the 1960s.

            H. Austin Cooper was on the Western District Historical Committee, which penned Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren in Western Pennsylvania, 1751-1950. On his own he wrote four books: The Church of the Singing Hills: A History of the Locust Grove Church of the Brethren, at Linganore Creek, Mt. Airy, Maryland, 1760-1988; Two centuries of Brothersvalley Church of the Brethren, 1762-1962: An Account of the Old Colonial Church, the Stony Creek German Baptist Church; The Church in the Valley: Brownsville Church of the Brethren, 1760-1993, Brownsville Heights, Maryland; A Pleasant View: Pleasant View Church of the Brethren, Burkittsville, Maryland.

            Rev. H. Austin Cooper passed away on Jan. 22, 1999, at the age of 87. At the time of his death he was a resident at College View Nursing Center, Frederick, MD. 


Description of the Records: Research on the history of the Brethren and related topics and localities, and a collection of books of varying topics and dates.


Provenance: Larry C. Cooper (son of Rev. Cooper), of Landenberg, PA, donated these materials to BHLA on April 23, 2011.


Restrictions: All original research in the collection was done by the late Rev. H. Austin Cooper.


Separations: Books relevant to the Church of the Brethren will be added to the library, or sold if two copies are already present in the library. Non-relevant books were discarded.


Processors: Terry Barkley and Virginia Harness


Container List:


Box 1 Folder 1         Ephrata and Snow Hill Cloisters (PA)

                      2         “Beginnings of the Menno. Church in Mid. and E. MD” by H. A. Cooper

                      3         Photographs: Churches of the Brethren in Maryland and Pennsylvania

                      4         Images: Defunct Brethren Congregations in Maryland and Pennsylvania

                      5         Early Brethren History to 1860

                      6         “The Importance of Youth in the Early Church” by H. Austin Cooper

                      7         The Brethren and the Outbreak of the Civil War

                      8         Brethren Doctrines and Practices during the Civil War

                      9         “A Brief Outline of the History of the CoB” by H. A. Cooper

                    10         “A House Divided” by H. Austin Cooper

                    11         The Church of the Brethren in Maryland

                    12         History of the Brethren in Frederick County, Maryland

                    13         The Brethren in Frederick Country, Maryland

                    14         The Brethren in Washington County, Maryland

                    15         The Brethren in Hagerstown – Washington County, Maryland

                    16         Map of Washington County, Maryland (Civil War Sites)

                    17         Maryland Civil War Newspaper Clippings

                    18         “The Invasion of Maryland” (Antietam Dunker Church) by H. A. Cooper

                    19         Images: Lee’s Invasion of Maryland, 1862 (Harper’s Ferry – Antietam)

                    20         Lee’s 1862 Invasion of Maryland

                    21         “A Brief Resume of the Battle of South Mountain” by H. A. Cooper

                    22         Battles of South Mountain and Crampton’s Gap

                    23         The Mumma Church, Sharpsburg, MD (Dunker Church of Antietam)

                    24         “Thunder on the Mountain or Antietam Dunker Church” by H. A. Cooper

                    25         Dunker Church Images: Carlisle Barracks (PA) and the Library of Congress

                    26         Photographs/Images: Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield (MD)

                    27         Photographs: Dunker Church and Antietam Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD

                    28         Images: Dunker Church, Dunker Church Bible

                    29         “Stonewall Jackson’s Map, 1862” - Found: Piper Barn, September 19, 1862

                    30         The Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield, 1862-1863

                    31         “Antietam Dunkard Church, 1851-1923”

                    32         Misc. Articles: Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield

                    33         Misc. Papers: Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield

                    34         “Antietam Dunkard Church” by H. Austin Cooper

                    35         “By Antietam Creek” by David Biles

                    36         The Battle of Antietam, Sharpsburg, MD, Sept. 17, 1862

                    37         Burning of the Samuel Mumma Buildings, Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862

                    38         Capt. John A. Tompkins, Co. A, 1st RI Artillery, Antietam

                    39         Capt. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (wounded at Antietam, 9/17/1862)

                    40         Pvt. Thomas J. Sanders, Co. H, 17th MS Inf. (wounded at Antietam)

                    41         Maj. Frank Holsinger (1836-1916) – “Woodbury Kid”

                    42         Chaplain Richard Eddy, 60th Regiment, NY Volunteers

                    43         Mrs. George B. McClellan – Garret House, Pleasant Valley, MD, Oct. 1862

                    44         Daniel Miller House/Meetinghouse (Brethren), Antietam Battlefield

                    45         Henry Neikirk House, Antietam Battlefield

                    46         Samuel Poffenberger House, Antietam Battlefield

                    47         Antietam Battlefield Hospitals

                    48         Pipe Creek Church, September 19, 1862 (Elder D.P. Snyder)

                    49         Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Antietam Battlefield, Oct. 1862

                    50         Lincoln’s Antietam Battlefield visit, Oct. 1862

                    51         Abraham Lincoln’s Virginia Ancestors

                    52         “Was Lincoln a Dunker?” by Floyd Mallott

                    53         The Lincoln Library and Museum, Fort Wayne, IN

                    54         John Lewis, Mark Twain, and the Antietam Dunker Church Bible

                    55         President William McKinley’s visit to Antietam Battlefield, c. 1900

                    56         Antietam National Cemetery and Monuments

                    57         “Report on the Old Dunker Church…at Antietam Natl. Battlefield…” 1951

                    58         Mumma Dunker Church Restoration, 1961-1962

                    59         Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield Restoration Project, c. 1951-1964

                    60         The Dunker Church: NPS Historic Structure Report, Part 1

                    61         Dedication of the Reconstructed Dunker Church, Sept. 2, 1962

                    62         Memorial Day Ceremonies, Antietam Natl. Cemetery, May 27, 1974

                    63         Dunker Church Commemorative Worship Services, c. 1971-1984

                    64         The Battle of Piedmont Virginia, June 5, 1964


Box 2 Folder 1         Photographs: Misc. Maryland and Pennsylvania scenes

                      2         Photographs/Images: Miscellaneous

                      3         “An Historical Sketch of the State of MD, 1632-1741” by H.A. Cooper

                      4         350th Anniversary of Maryland

                      5         “Our Earliest Roads” by H.A. Cooper

                      6         Items taken from a 1776 Bible

                      7         “Elder George Adam Martin-Frontier Preacher” by H.A. Cooper

                      8         “Important Frontier Migrations from Frederick Co., MD” H.A. Cooper

                      9         “The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal” by H.A. Cooper

                    10         Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Smithsonian Institution)

                    11         Washington County – Hagerstown, MD

                    12         “Erection of Frederick County, MD” by H.A. Cooper

                    13         Post Offices of Frederick Co., MD, for 1887

                    14         Maps: Frederick, MD (2), and the State of Maryland

                    15         Frederick, Maryland

                    16         Stone Barracks, Frederick, Maryland

                    17         The Reconstruction of Fort Frederick, Washington Co., Maryland

                    18         Bedford and Somerset Court Records (PA), 1782-1818

                    19         Somerset County, PA (Kentucky migration, etc.)

                    20         Iowa migrations from Orange Township, Somerset Co., PA, c. 1855-1908

                    21         “Laurel Messenger” (Historical and Genealogical Soc. of Somerset Co., PA)

                    22         “The Town of Brunswick” by Carroll Ayres

                    23         “A Chron. Hist. of Berlin-Brunswick, MD” by R.G. Barger & H.A. Cooper

                    24         History of Brunswick, Maryland

                    25         History of Brunswick, Maryland: various H.A. Cooper writings

                    26         “A Brief History of Berlin – Brunswick, MD, 1634-1976” by H.A. Cooper

                    27         Old Methodist Church, Brunswick, MD (First United Methodist Church)

                    28         “The Berlin Ferry” by H.A. Cooper

                    29         Dedication Ceremonies: Brunswick Bridge, July 30, 1955

                    30         History of Boy Scouting in Brunswick, MD

                    31         Auction: Wm. L. Gross, Gen. Merch./Gross Bros., Brunswick, MD, 1987

                    32         Brunswick, MD – Commission on History and Distinguished Citizens

                    33         Distinguished Citizens of Brunswick, MD, 1981, 1983

                    34         Burkittsville, MD: Historic Documents

                    35         Burkittsville, MD – 1839 Court Docket

                    36         Western Pennsylvania Surveys

                    37         Kentucky Petition, 1780

                    38         Migrations – Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky

                    39         Hancock Historical Society, Hancock, Maryland

                    40         140th Anniv., Keedysville Charge, Church of the UBC, 1780-1920

                    41         Salem United Methodist Church, Keedysville, Maryland

                    42         “Historical Sketch: People and Geography, Lovettsville, VA” - H.A. Cooper

                    43         St. James Reformed Church, Lovettsville, Virginia

                    44         Evangelical Lutheran Church Zion, Middletown, Maryland

                    45         Trinity Lutheran Church, Knoxville, MD

                    46         “A Brief Hist. Sketch of Knoxville Trinity Luth. Church” by H.A. Cooper

                    47         “The 47 Charter Members of the Wolfsville Lutheran Church”

                    48         The Rip Raps at Solomon’s Gap

                    49         Arnold Family (Samuel)

                    50         Arnold Family: John George and Daniel Arnold

                    51         Cable Family (Abraham, Benjamin and Joseph)

                    52         Carter and Holder Families: Isaac Carter, Jr., and Mary Ann Holder

                    53         Dick-Faw-Lowe Families

                    54         “A Farmer’s Answered Prayer” (Roger M. Geisbert) by Paul G. Geisbert

                    55         Harshbarger Family (Jacob and Maria Eva)

                    56         Hunsacker Family

                    57         Kimmel, Philip

                    58         Knepper Family

                    59         Lehman, Christian and Elizabeth Venda

                    60         Miller Family (Peter)

                    61         Newcomer-Weber Families

                    62         Peterman, Fred (Sharpsburg, MD)

                    63         Rhoads (Rhoades), Daniel and Henry

                    64         Rhoades Family: Henry Rhoades Bible, 1763

                    65         Rhoades, Joseph & Family (files of Wilma Hetrick Koelling)

                    66         “A History of the Sayler Family” by James Lanning Sayler

                    67         Rinehart, William Henry (Maryland sculptor)

                    68         Roth, Henry, Sr. and Jr.

                    69         Smith, Conrad (Smith Family)

                    70         Suman, Peter B., Trial and Execution, 1781


Box 3 Folder 1         Personal Items: H. Austin Cooper

                      2         Personal Correspondence, c. 1964-1995

                      3         Bible Lands Tour (H. Austin Cooper and Virginia Cooper), 1977

                      4         Scouters Training Camp, Laurel Hill State Park, PA

                      5         Congregational obituaries – Rev. H.A. Cooper

                      6         “Brethren History Lives in My Heart” by H.A. Cooper

                      7         Brethren Historical Committee (1)

                      8         Brethren Historical Committee (2)

                      9         “A Brief Outline of the History of the CoB,” 1959, by H.A. Cooper

                    10         Beginnings of the Church of the Brethren – H.A. Cooper

                    11         “A Roving Reporter Writes about Hist. of the CoB”-Susan K. Thomas, 1955

                    12         Excerpts of Brethren History compiled by H. Austin Cooper

                    13         Rev. Cooper, Chp. preacher, Fahrney-Keedy Home, Boonsboro, MD, 1984

                    14         Church hist. class - H.A. Cooper, New Windsor, MD, BVS Summer Unit

                    15         Church Choral Music

                    16         “Does the Bible Sanction War?” by M. Guy West (img. H.A. Cooper), 1958

                    17         German hymns and choruses (Herrite Meeting House)

                    18         “Below the Mason-Dixon Line” by H.A. Cooper

                    19         Photograph: Chorus pres., Blue Rdg. College, New Windsor, MD, 1924

                    20         The Gospel Visitor fragments, c. 1862-1865

                    21         Mural History of the CoB, Camp Alexander Mack, Milford, IN

                    22         The Kentucky Churches (Brethren)

                    23         Barren Ridge CoB, Rt. 3, Staunton, VA

                    24         “A Century of Light and Life,” Barren Ridge CoB, VA, 1865-1965

                    25         Beaver Creek CoB, MD – materials by H.A. Cooper

                    26         Beaver Dam CoB, Frederick Co., MD

                    27         Beaver Run CoB, oldest Brethren church in WV

                    28         Broad Run CoB, MD, earliest list of members, 1776

                    29         Brothersvalley CoB, Berlin, PA

                    30         “A History of the Brothersvalley CoB” by H.A. Cooper, 1951

                    31         “Two Centuries of Brothersvalley” by H.A. Cooper (partial & related writ.)

                    32         Images: Two Centuries of Brothersvalley CoB, 1762-1962, by H.A. Cooper

                    33         Brethren ministers and elders, Brothersvalley, 1762-1962

                    34         Brownsville CoB, MD (1)

                    35         Brownsville CoB, MD (2)

                    36         Brownsville CoB, MD (3)

                    37         Church programs, Brownsville CoB (MD), c. 1920s

                    38         Member lists: Brownsville, Broad Run, and Pleasant View CoB, 1879-1896

                    39         Congregational lists: Brownsville, Broad Run and Pleasant View CoB

                    40         Chapters from The Church of the Singing Hills, Part 1, by H.A. Cooper

                    41         Chapters from The Church of the Singing Hills, Part 2, by H.A. Cooper

                    42         “Church of the Singing Hills” by H.A. Cooper, newspaper article, 1989

                    43         Bush Creek CoB: Plans for 150th Anniversary (1992)

                    44         The Glades Meetinghouse (Brethren)

                    45         Grove Church (Brethren), 1860

                    46         Kimmel Church (Stony Creek), summer of 1858 (Brethren)

                    47         Longmeadow CoB, Hagerstown, MD (1)

                    48         Longmeadow CoB, Hagerstown, MD (2)

                    49         “Manor CoB – Historical Sketch” by H.A. Cooper

                    50         Meadow Branch CoB, Westminster, MD

                    51         “The Middle River Congregation” (CoB) by John S. Flory (VA)

                    52         Monocacy Congregation (MD) Council Meeting Books, 1862-1865, 1880s

                    53         Monocacy Congregation (MD) Council Meeting Book, 1882-1883

                    54         Piney Creek CoB, Taneytown, MD, 1989

                    55         Conclusion of the Great Meeting at Pipe Creek (MD), May 25-26, 1787

                    56         Germ. Bapt. Brethren Annual Meeting, Pipe Creek (MD), June 11-13, 1867

                    57         Maps of Pleasant Valley – Rohrersville, MD

                    58         Images: Pleasant View CoB (Rev. John Bowlus/Guyton Family)

                    59         Pleasant View CoB, Burkittsville, MD

                    60         Pleasant View CoB Homecoming, November 13-14, 1993

                    61         Pricetown Meeting House (1777), oldest unaltered CoB in America

                    62         Stone Bridge CoB (100th Anniversary, Sept. 12, 1971)


Box 4 Item    1         Calendars, diaries and “The Brethren Reminder” – H.A. Cooper, c. 1944-85

                      2         Small New Testament belonging to Rev. Cooper, 1922


Box 5 Folder 1         Brethren almanacs and magazines

                      2         Civil War – related publications

                      3         Maryland – Antietam Battlefield booklets

                      4         Prather, Benjamin F., Co. K, 16th Reg., GA Volunteers, CSA (d. 10/9/1862)

                      5         “Illustrated Atlas of Washington Co., Maryland” (1877), photocopy excerpts


Box 6 Item    1         Unidentified group photograph, camp scene, c. 1930s or 1940s

                      2         Gathland St. Park, 1926: Vesper Service-Rev. H. Erdman, Burkittsville, MD

                      3         Unidentified CoB AC group photo, c. 1920s or 1930s (Hershey Park, PA?)

                      4         Unidentified CoB Annual Conf. group photograph, n.d., c. 1930s

                      5         CoB Annual Conf. group photo, N. Manchester, IN, June 12-19, 1926

                      6         J. Miller Ledger, c.1851-61, Antiet. Crk., Boonsboro-Williamsport Rd., MD


Box 7 Item    1         Pleasant View CoB Minutes/Records (Burkittsville, MD)

                      2         “Death Book”, Sharpsburg, MD (1831-1901) – Fred Peterman

                      3         “Daily Register of P.S. 13, 3rd Dist., Frederick Co., MD,” c. 1864-1868

                      4         “A History of Flat Rock CoB” by Jacob David Wine (1962)

                      5         “A Collection of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs…,” BPH 1898

                      6         “A Coll. of Psalms, Hymns…,” James Quinter, Covington, OH, 1869

                      7         W. G. Schroek’s Diary, 1877 (purchased at Meyers Dale)

                      8         Personal diary/journal of Rev. H.A. Cooper, R.F.D. 2, Berlin, PA c. 1960-68

                      9         “Minister’s Manual,” Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, IL, 1946

                    10         “Berlin, PA, 1837-1937,” Centen. Gen. Comm., July 1937, Souvenir Book

                    11         “A Textbook History of Frederick Co.” by Paul P. & Rita S. Gordon

                    12         “Brunswick Diamond Jubilee Celeb., 1890-1965,” Brunswick, MD (1965)

                    13         “The History of Brunswick, 1834-1982” by Ricky Heffner, c. 1982

                    14         “Brunswick: 100 Years of Memories,” Brunswick Hist. Commission, 1990

                    15         Bush Crk.-Pleasant Hill CoB, Monrovia, MD-Record 12/3/1855-11/19/1892