Title:  Brethren Health and Welfare (Driver)


Series:  5/1/11


Boxes:  1


History: Jacqueline D. (Jackie) Drive held the firt General Board staff position in Health and Welfare from August 1979 to August 1980.  As such, she took over some of the responsibilities formerly held by Ralph and mary Cline Detrick in their position for person awareness.  She developed the health and welfare position, deciding on significant areas for church involvement and consulting with homes and hospital administrators.  Driver was responsible for directing the denomination's attention to health and welfare and the needs of the elderly and served as coordinator for the work of the Church of the Brethren Homes and Hospital Association.  She was succeeded by Jay Gibble.


Description of the Records:  The majority of the record deal with Driver's work with the issue of aging.  In addition to general files, the series contains two sub-series--one on districts and one on districts with the additional subject of aging.  Many of these files were initially created by Detricks.  Also included is materials on Driver's research on aging.


Provenance:  Association of Brethren Caregivers, Jay Gibble, 1991.017


Restrictions:  None




Processor:  Rosalita J. Leonard, May 8, 1992

Container List:


Box  Folder   1   Aging Workshop

              2   BHWA

              3   Consultation Ministries To/With Older Adults

              4   Ivy Farms, James R. Hutchinson

              5   Research




Box 1 Folder  6   Districts Atlantic NE

              7   Districts IL & WI

              8   Districts Pacific Southwest

              9   Districts PA Middle

             10   Districts PA S

             11   Districts W Marva


                  Districts, Aging


Box 1 Folder 12   Districts, Aging Atlantic NE

             13   Districts, Aging FL & PR

             14   Districts, Aging IN N

             15   Districts, Aging IN S/C

             16   Districts, Aging MI

             17   Districts, Aging Mid-Atlantic

             18   Districts, Aging Northern Plains

             19   Districts, Aging OH N

             20   Districts, Aging OH S

             21   Districts, Aging PA S

             22   Districts, Aging PA W

             23   Districts, Aging Shenandoah

             24   Districts, Aging Southeastern

             25   Districts, Aging Southern Plains

             26   Districts, Aging Virlina

             27   Districts, Aging WA/OR

             28   Districts, Aging W Marva

             29   Districts, Aging Western Plains