Hand-painted Easter eggs belong to Polish American Hurricane Sandy Survivor.
A Polish American Hurricane Sandy survivor hand-painted beautiful Easter eggs.

Volunteers form special bond with Hurricane Sandy survivor 

Brenda Hostetler 
July 29, 2015

During our April trip to Spotswood, N.J., our project was to replace flooring. The first morning we walked into the house, the homeowner was a bit surprised to see 5 women and 2 men. He was asking what we women could do. We assured him we could many things.

The owner explained how his home was affected by flooding and how they saved many of their things. We and the homeowner tore up old flooring, insulated, dry walled, put down two layers of subflooring and then the new flooring.

We had donuts each morning for break. The homeowner shared his family came from Poland and some of his family history. We were shown beautiful decorated Easter eggs. This was done with wax, and the designs were beautiful. The homeowner told us his mother did this every Easter and now it was his turn to keep the tradition alive.

The owner’s son watched us work, and each of us asked him to help, but he was a bit unsure of himself and said "no." Later, his dad got him to help do several things and the son was very pleased with what they had done together.

The relationship between the son and father was something to see. There was great respect between them and love was shown often. When the son left home he would approach his father and give him a kiss on the cheek and say “I love you” and was off.

As the week went on, we found the homeowner learning right along with us. He entered into the conversations about what or how to do things. On Wednesday the homeowner wanted a picture of the group. As he focused the camera a tear almost came on his cheek. He had accepted us and was a part of our group.

Is this the way God wants us to treat each other? Love and kindness abounded as well as having a good time. A unique experience for all of us!

Brenda serves as the Northern Ohio District Disaster Coordinator and has gone on numerous disaster response trips.