Three volunteers help rebuild a house in Pulaski, VA.
Three volunteers help rebuild a house in Pulaski, VA.
Photo by Jim White

Pulaski, VA project leader thanks volunteers, community 

Jim White 
February 28, 2012

As my time as a project leader here in Pulaski, VA comes to an end, I want to say that I have had a wonderful time. Since I came here in August of 2011, we have completed four homes and are working on numbers five and six.

I want to thank all of the volunteers who have taken their time to come here to help the people of Pulaski. Without the volunteers, this work would not be as far along as it is. Not only did they work on our houses, but they also did drywall, painting, electrical, plumbing on at least six other homes in the area, and for that the town is grateful.

I have had the best support staff to help me – from the two BVS workers Shannon Pratt-Harrington and Kailynn Clark, to my fellow project leaders Howard Garwick, Ron Reich, Mike Walker, Larry and Sandy Esworthy, and Lori Ducharme. The people here at First Christian Church have gone out of their way to help BDM make this project work, and to Pastor Randy and his staff, thank you.

There is one group of people that has made my work so easy, and that is the members of the Pulaski tornado recovery board. Janet, Tye, Tom, Bill and others have made it easy for me to do my job.

I hope the project leaders who come behind me enjoy this place as much as I have, and to everyone, thank you.