mangled trees Moore OK
Photo by Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA
Mangled trees are all that remain of Moore, Okla. neighborhood after May 20, 2013 tornado.

Bridges newsletter

file type Bridges Spring 2014 (495 KB)
Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, CDS response to winter storm, Hurricane Sandy recovery in U.S. and Haiti, 2013 financial report and volunteer statistics, staff changes, more.
file type Bridges Fall 2013 (1.20 MB)
Goal of $500,000 for Philippines, Helen Kinsel honored, CDS responds to Colorado floods, BDM starts Hurricane Sandy recovery, crisis in Syria, U.S. farmers receive drought aid.
file type Bridges Summer 2013 (839 KB)
CDS responds to Okla. tornado, BDM plans Hurricane Sandy response, aid sent to South Sudan village, BDM Survey results, and more.
file type Bridges Spring 2013 (1.17 MB)
2012 financial report and volunteer statistics, Hurricane Sandy news, tornado recovery in Indiana, and much more.
file type Bridges Haiti Poster - Spring 2013 (2.41 MB)
BDM Bridges Haiti Poster with report on back, Spring 2013
file type Hurricane Sandy appeal letter and poster (1.09 MB)
Special appeal letter and 8 x 11 poster for Hurricane Sandy response.
file type Bridges Volume 13 Fall 2012 (2.04 MB)
BDM Bridges newsletter, Fall 2012
file type Bridges Summer 2012 (1.58 MB)
Threat of hunger in north Africa, Haiti earthquake recovery update, new domestic rebuilding projects, CDS fall workshops, and more.
file type Bridges Spring 2012 (1.47 MB)
2011 financial report and volunteer statistics, 2nd anniversary of Haiti earthquake, disaster project updates.

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