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No U.S. military action in Syria
Oppose U.S. military action in Syria and support intensified diplomatic efforts and increased humanitarian assistance.
We Need Just and Humane Immigration Reform
The writer of the Book of Hebrews reminds us that we are called to be promoters and examples of justice, showing hospitality and love for the immigrant; for we know we may be "entertaining angels without knowing it" (Hebrews 13:1-2).
Pentagon Spending and the Fiscal Cliff
Pentagon Spending and the Fiscal Cliff

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Are you looking for opportunities to express your faith as it relates to the environment, peace advocacy, and social justice issues?

Action Alerts contain information about how you can get involved and provide a Brethren witness to legislative bodies and to society in general.

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Action Alerts

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May 15, 2014 - Thinking, Acting, and Purposeless Walking

May 5, 2014 - Bring Back Our Girls:Praying and Advocating for Peace in Nigeria

April 22, 2014 - Praising God on Earth Day

April 15, 2014 - Global Day of Action on Military Spending

April 3, 2014 - Not one more deportation!

February 13, 2014 - Register now for Ecumenical Advocacy Days

January 20, 2014 - End the violence in Syria

January 10, 2014 - Guantanamo's 12th Anniversary: Pray for an End to Torture

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