Study Committees

Vitality and Viability Study Committee


Arising out of a query from the Mid-Atlantic District, the 2015 Annual Conference established a committee to address concerns raised regarding vitality and viability within congregations, districts, and the denomination as a whole, including but not limited to district structure. The following persons were chosen for the committee.

Larry Dentler
East Berlin, Pennsylvania
Southern Pennsylvania
Mary Jo Flory-Steury
Elgin, Illinois
Illinois/Wisconsin District
Sonja Griffith
McPherson, Kansas
Western Plains District
Shayne T. Petty
West Milton, Ohio
Southern Ohio District
Craig Smith
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Atlantic Northeast District

Review and Evaluation Committee


During the fifth year of each decade, a committee is called to review and evaluate the organization and structures of the denomination, and make recommendations for improving the effectiveness to accomplish the goals and purpose of the church. The following persons serve on this committee.

Ben S. Barlow
Ellicott City, Maryland
Shenandoah District
Tim Harvey
Roanoke, Virginia
Virlina District
Leah Hileman
East Berlin, Pennsylvania
Atlantic Northeast District
Robert Kettering
Lititz, Pennsylvania
Atlantic Northeast District
David Shumate
Roanoke, Virginia
Virlina District