On Earth Peace Board

One person, 5-year term

5-year term on the board that helps individuals and groups practice justice and peace through programs of training and accompaniment, providing skills, support, and spiritual foundations for overcoming violence with the power of love.
See onearthpeace.org and www.brethren.org/ac/ppg, ch. 2, section II.C.

Number of members:

The bylaws of On Earth Peace Assembly provide 15 members on its board of directors. Of the 15 members, Annual Conference elects five. OEP's constituency of current financial supporters elects the remaining 10 members. Current financial supporters are those who have made a contribution within 24 months of the election.


For each position to be elected by Annual Conference, the Nominating Committee of Standing Committee presents four nominees to Standing Committee, which votes to reduce the ballot to two nominees per position to present to Annual Conference. Board members elected by OEP’s constituency are presented to Annual Conference for confirmation. Board members elected by the OEP board to fulfill any unexpired terms are presented to the subsequent Annual Conference for confirmation.


At least 4/5ths (80%) of the total number of elected and confirmed directors are to be members of the Church of the Brethren. A director on the On Earth Peace Board cannot be employed by or serve on the board of another agency reportable to Annual Conference.

Term and Schedule:

All of the directors are elected to a five-year term, serving from the beginning of the next fiscal year following their election until the close of the fiscal year in which their term expires. and are eligible for re-election for one additional consecutive term. A person who has served as director for two consecutive terms is not eligible for re-election until one full year has expired after completion of serving two consecutive terms. Partial terms of one year or less shall not be counted in considering eligibility for re-election.

The board meets twice a year, in the fall and in the spring.


Expenses are paid for board meetings.

For more specific information about this position, you may call

The executive director of On Earth Peace Assembly, (410) 635-8704