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Annual Conference is a ministry of the Church of the Brethren.

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Annual Conference Leadership Components

Annual Conference leadership is composed of the Program and Arrangements Committee, the Conference Director, and the Annual Conference Officers. More information about these offices is available.


  • Each component is integral to the function and mission of Annual Conference.
  • Each component has a separate and distinct assignment.
  • Each component is accountable to the other components to fulfill its own task and expects the other components to act responsibly in the fulfillment of their tasks.


Program & Arrangements Committee

  • Plans the program and arrangements for Annual Conference
  • Administers the policies guiding Annual Conference on-site activities and makes recommendations regarding any desired changes to the policies
  • Prepares an annual budget for Annual Conference, including recommended delegate and exhibit fees and district assessments
  • Secures the locations and set dates for future Annual Conferences

Annual Conference Officers

  • Receive and process the business of Annual Conference and establish and manage agendas for Standing Committee and the Conference
  • Represent the Conference at District meetings and other appropriate settings
  • Respond to concerns of denominational members regarding actions and activities of Conference
  • Appoint messengers, timekeepers, tellers, and such other persons as needed for accomplishing the Conference business
  • Create and maintain Conference minutes and other important documents
  • Coordinate the work of the Standing Committee nominating committee

Director of Conference Office

  • Carry out the responsibilities/directives of the Program and Arrangements Committee and the Conference Officers
  • Assist the chairs of the leadership components in the preparation of agendas for the components' meetings
  • Facilitate the meetings of study committees and other special task groups of Annual Conference
  • Manage day-by-day functions of Annual Conference
  • Serve as the primary contact for all inquiries, queries, suggestions, requests related to Annual Conference
  • Employ the Annual Conference Assistant and other support staff as needed and supervises their work
  • Serve as liaison for the Program and Arrangements Committee with the other Annual Conference agencies, districts, and other Brethren-related groups.

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