From the Annual Conference 2020 Moderator

Along with other Christian leaders, I deeply grieve the maddening gun violence striking our country, most recently in El Paso and Dayton. Though I am mindful and prayerful of these tragedies (along with so many others), I call us to go beyond thoughts and prayers to concerted, new action, seeking the boldness of the Holy Spirit. The link that follows, connects to a statement from the Church of the Brethren that further underscores the urgency of the gun violence issue for people of faith. I commend it to you, asking that you consider its challenge prayerfully, as we all seek God’s courage to be more decisive in our peacebuilding.

—Paul Mundey, Annual Conference Moderator, Church of the Brethren

Click here for the Church of the Brethren statement in response to the recent mass shootings

Photo by Giacomo Zanni