Business Session Focus This Year: Compelling Vision

As we gather in Greensboro to "Proclaim Christ, Reclaim Passion", business sessions will feel different to conference‑goers. Worship, Bible study, and conversations designed to help us discern God’s call for us as the body of Christ will be the focus of the business agenda at the 2019 Annual Conference. In 2017, the delegate body affirmed the assertion of denominational and district leadership that "to stay on the journey together, it is also crucial that the church discern the compelling vision that this body of Christ is called to pursue." As a result, in 2018, the delegate body voted to set aside all new business in 2019 to free up time to focus on discerning a vision for the Church of the Brethren.

The discernment process, launched at Annual Conference in 2018, continued throughout the year with conversations in districts and with various constituency groups. Rather than a forum to discuss a single issue, the Compelling Vision Process was designed to encourage balanced conversation around three basic areas of visioning:

  • How congregations are serving and ministering in and through their life together, helping us understand what is important to congregations and how we might better equip and support one another as we embrace our common passions for ministry in our local settings.
  • How we can better come together as many congregations, joining hands to engage in mission and ministry that is bigger than one congregation can accomplish on its own.
  • How we can transform and better manage the division and conflict that has been a barrier to our full effectiveness in ministry as the Church of the Brethren.

Discernment around these issues will continue at Annual Conference this year as we seek to deepen the conversation based on what we have heard throughout the last year. Both delegates and non-delegates will have the opportunity to sit with brothers and sisters around tables, engaging in worship, Bible study, and conversation as we seek to discern God’s call for us and reclaim our passion to engage in ministry together.

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