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21 International Day of Prayer for Peace
Every year, September 21 is rising in prominence as a day of action and prayer for peace. This year’s theme is "Visions and Dreams of Building Peace."
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21 Mission Offering
The Church of the Brethren Mission Offering supports ongoing international partnerships with brothers and sisters in Nigeria, Haiti, South Sudan, and many other places around the world. It also helps fund Brethren Volunteer Service, the Youth Peace Travel Team, workcamps, and other ministries that provide opportunities for people of all ages to proclaim the Good News of Jesus through action. Other crucial ministries that exist to train and support mission-minded leaders in the church are also supported by this offering: Ministry Summer Service, the Office of Ministry, and Church Planting and Deacon ministries, to name a few.
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5 World Communion Day
9 Telling the Truth and Shaming the Devil - Webinar w/ Anthony Reddie
An assessment of urban mission in the 21st century by means of a Black theological analysis, offering critical reflections on the challenges of undertaking urban mission and the postcolonial realities to be found across the global north, where issues of plurality and power abound, within the all-enveloping shadow of empire.
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16-24 Peace with Justice Week
17-19 Children's Sabbaths Observance
Sponsored by the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), the National Observance of Children's Sabbaths Celebration is a way for faith communities to celebrate children as sacred gifts of God, and provides the opportunity for houses of worship to renew and live out their moral responsibility to care, protect, and advocate for all children.
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21 Webcast with Stuart Murray Williams More
24 World Disarmament Day
2 National Junior High Sunday
9 Stewardship Sunday
19 Just Friendship - Webinar w/ Andrew Grinnell
In this webinar we will discuss the nature of the relationships we seek to build with people in low-income areas. We will explore how the virtues of justice and hope may be expressed within these relationships.
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20 Webinar: Lloyd Pietersen More info
1 AIDS Awareness Day
10 Human Rights Day
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